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Showing off Shanghai: 6 Restaurants to Impress Out-of-Town Clients

When you need to wine and dine an important client in Shanghai, choosing the right restaurant or bar is key. From stunning rooftop views to authentic soup dumplings, here are our favorite spots to entertain out-of-town clients in the Pearl of the Orient. Read more>>

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Budget Shanghai: Living on 10,000 Yuan Per Month HOT


Need to start budgeting in Shanghai? See where all your money goes. ... Read More>>

Fresh and Safe Food in China: How to Properly Clean Out Your Fridge HOT


We know you care about the quality and safety of the food you prepare and eat while in China. But the way you store it in your refrigerator could be undoing all of that good! ... Read More>>

Open Wide! Good Dentists in Shanghai HOT

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Accidents happen, so in case you find yourself in my position after a heavy chomp on a chopstick, or if you’re just looking for a good teeth cleaning or another procedure, I’ll save you the trouble and list the best dental offices in the Pearl of the Orient ...... Read More>>

Don’t Suffer in Silence: Therapy in Shanghai HOT

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Therapy in China has come on in leaps and bounds over the past decade or so. Whether you need to quit a nasty habit, or just need to work out some issues, there’s a range of options to suit your needs in Shanghai. ... Read More>>

All Along the East Bank: Exploring Shanghai’s Pudong District HOT

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Pudong isn’t like everywhere else in Shanghai. Some parts don’t even hint at the fact that you are even in China. Whether you live there, have a long layover at the airport, or simply want to leave Puxi for the weekend, read this article and find out what ...... Read More>>

Relax in the City: Where to get a Massage in Shanghai HOT

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Need to de-stress from life in the city? Shanghai has hundreds of choices where you can get a massage. We’ve found you a handful of expensive places that are luxurious and peaceful and some inexpensive alternatives that offer a clean environment and good ...... Read More>>

Useful Apps for Living in Shanghai HOT


There are a plethora of smartphone and it can be exhausting trying to find the right apps for travelling and living in Shanghai. Well, we’ve tried out a few of the more useful ones and aggregated a list of the ones that are worth downloading. ... Read More>>

Finding the Right Fit: International Schools in Shanghai HOT

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Looking for an international school but not sure which one is right for your child? In this article, we’ve broken down just a few of the top international schools in Shanghai and mentioned why each is worth attending. ... Read More>>

Putting Health First: Shanghai’s Best Hospitals for Expats HOT

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“If I were to suddenly become sick, where should I go?” – one of the most important questions an expat in Shanghai will want to know the answer to. Fortunately, Shanghai is home to a number of high quality international hospitals and medical centers ...... Read More>>

5 Ways to Beat the Heat in Shanghai HOT

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Just like we knew it would, spring has quickly devolved into summer-like weather. So now instead of contemplating which al fresco dining place we’ll frequent for lunch, we have to worry about heat stroke. Luckily there are quite a few options for those ...... Read More>>

How to Get Married in Shanghai HOT

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Congratulations! You have made that big step and are preparing to commit yourself to the one you love for life. Read on for the basics on how to get married in Shanghai, covering everything from invitations to wedding rings to the legal process itself. ... Read More>>

Mid-Week Job Opportunities in Shanghai: Basketball Commentators, Designers, & More HOT

Unfortunately nothing comes free in life (at least for the majority of us) and so we have no choice but to toil day in and day to make ends meet. If you're looking for a job or interested in switching things up a little, we've rounded up a number of recent ...... Read More>>

The Shanghai Pizza Delivery Test: The Good & the Nasty HOT

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The weather is getting colder, the days are getting longer, and it's only a matter of time before Sherpa's is reinstated on my speed dial. But while it's certainly nice to have the option of ordering everything from Turkish to Mexican to German food, ...... Read More>>

Mid-Week Job Opportunities Round-up: Non-Teaching Jobs in Shanghai HOT

Unemployed? Thinking of job hopping? We've rounded up recent job posts for expats from our Shanghai Jobs section that caught our eye. Of course, you can find many more opportunities, both teaching and non-teaching, in our ever popular Job section! ... Read More>>

Scoot Over: Where to get a Fixed Gear Bike in Shanghai HOT

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In case you haven't been outside recently, let me present a newsflash: fixed gear bikes are in. What started as a niche group of serious bikers has effectively grown to the point of being trendy, and Shanghai has jumped on board with both feet in. Luckily, ...... Read More>>

5 Things You Must Know About Keeping an Ayi in Shanghai HOT


Having an ayi (housekeeper) is one of the perks of living in China. Chances are high that most Westerners could not afford to hire weekly or bi-weekly cleaning services back in their home country. Thanks to the relatively cheap cost of labor over here, ...... Read More>>

A Taste for the Exotic: 4 Creative Markets in Shanghai HOT

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Living in Shanghai, we usually find ourselves going to the usual fake markets to buy on the cheap. Unknown to many foreigners, however, are the markets around the city that cater to more than our love for fashion and gadgets. For the more creatively ...... Read More>>

7 Things You Must Do in Shanghai Before You Leave HOT

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So your time in Shanghai is coming to a close. Whether it's because you're changing jobs, changing significant others, or just tired of playing the China game, leaving this place can be harder than you expect. While you've had plenty of experiences – both ...... Read More>>

Fun Things to Do in Shanghai (That Don’t Involve Drinking) HOT

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Shanghai can get a bit wild, what with alcohol-fuelled events dominating the scene. But what if you don't drink? Or what if you're just looking for a much-needed detox session for a day, a week, a month? What in the world is there to do here? Read on for ...... Read More>>

The Shanghai Music Guide: Record Stores, Equipment, Recording Studios, Venues HOT

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While on the surface Shanghai may not seem like the most musical of cities, it actually has a lot to offer. From hard-to-find but worth-the-hunt music stores selling original vinyl records, to dozens of instrument stores providing a vast selection of ...... Read More>>

Going Local: Affordable Foreign-Friendly Schools in Shanghai HOT

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Many of the international schools in Shanghai are well-known by the expat community. Dulwich College, the British International School Shanghai, the American International School, Concordia and many more have earned a solid reputation as a reliable source ...... Read More>>

Eco-Warrior: The Ultimate Guide to Green Living in Shanghai HOT


For those who seek it out, Shanghai has a growing scene of restaurants, organisations, shops and recreational clubs that are dedicated to providing environmentally-responsible options for consumers. If you are an eco-conscious person who carries a personal ...... Read More>>

5 Foreigner-friendly Traditional Chinese Medicine Centres in Shanghai HOT

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With a history stretching back 3,000 years and countless billion devotees through the generations, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is not something to be scoffed at. Concentrating on balancing the body’s vital forces –cold, dark yin and warm, bright ...... Read More>>

Find a New “Best Friend”: Adopting a Pet in Shanghai HOT

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Adopting a pet in Shanghai is a big decision. Aside from all the rules and regulations you have to adhere to in order to appease government regulations, taking on the responsibility of full time pet-ownership requires commitment, time and most importantly, ...... Read More>>

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