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Showing off Shanghai: 6 Restaurants to Impress Out-of-Town Clients

When you need to wine and dine an important client in Shanghai, choosing the right restaurant or bar is key. From stunning rooftop views to authentic soup dumplings, here are our favorite spots to entertain out-of-town clients in the Pearl of the Orient. Read more>>

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Don’t Strain Your Wallet: Finding the Right Gym in Shanghai HOT

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Summer is here! That means it’s time to start working out to get that swimsuit body. Finding the perfect gym that’s in the right location, a reasonable price and not too crowded can be time consuming. Here’s an extensive list of popular fitness centers ...... Read More>>

Curvy in Shanghai: Where to Buy Lingerie & Underwear HOT

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Shopping for clothing is bad enough for Western women in China, as sizes here don’t typically account for any semblance of a bust or hips. That being said, lingerie shopping can be even worse! If you wear anything beyond a C cup, chances are that you ...... Read More>>

Fall Fashion 2012: Where to Find the Hottest New Styles in Shanghai HOT

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Fall is practically upon us, and with it comes longer hemlines, heavier fabrics, and perhaps a jaunty scarf or two. Fashion is ever changing, however, so some closet cleaning may be in order. And I don't mean just for ladies—that's right, designers are ...... Read More>>

2012 Summer Fashion Guide: Where to Get the Look in Shanghai HOT

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You may be mentally prepared for the summer, but is your wardrobe? As we step into the sizzling, summer months, we've prepared a guide on how to beat the heat, the stylish way. From chunky bangles to bold neon getups, here are this summer's top five hottest ...... Read More>>

New Season, New Trends: How to Get the Top Looks this Spring HOT

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Spring is (finally!) here, and with the new warm weather comes new fashion trends. The results are in for 2012, and five clear trends have popped up over and over again. Read on for the top looks for this spring, as well as some suggestions on where to find ...... Read More>>

Live Like a Rockstar: Custom-Made Everything in Shanghai HOT

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By now you've no doubt heard that Shanghai is the place to go for custom-made, well, everything. While you're not going to get the cheapest price possible on these types of things (I recommend going to Vietnam for that), you will snag some great deals on ...... Read More>>

Shanghai's Best Online Fashion Stores HOT

Shopping in Shanghai is, for a large portion of the population (both local and expat), a way of life. A "national pastime", if you will. The rush of a large purchase, the feel of bags upon bags hanging on both arms, the trying on and re-trying on ...... Read More>>

Tailor Made: The Best Places For Tailored Clothes in Shanghai HOT

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Shanghai is a city that has rich and vibrant historic links with the trade of fabrics and textiles. From its proximity to the ancient Silk Road trading routes to its development as a major trade port during the Qing Dynasty, and from the influx of ...... Read More>>

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Getting Beauty Treatments in Shanghai HOT

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When the hustle and bustle of Shanghai gets to you (as it does everyone at one point or another!), sometimes all you need is a little pampering to feel like a whole new person. Or maybe you have a big night out coming up that demands you pull out all the ...... Read More>>

Ten Jewelry Shops in Shanghai to Spice Up Any Wardrobe HOT

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Pearl City<br /> Also known as the Hongqiao Pearl Market, this is the place to go when you're looking for cheap, cheap, cheap. They have everything from costume jewelry to (ahem) “pearls,” and they're not afraid to show you. Prices are generally ...... Read More>>

Design for Life: Shanghai’s Best Local Designers HOT

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At first glance, Shanghai isn’t a city that exudes originality when it comes to fashion (unless you’re talking about those bizarrely creative Chinglish T-shirts). A cursory glance down any street in Shanghai reveals a mix of pyjama-clad pensioners, young ...... Read More>>

Big Foot: Finding Western-size Shoes in Shanghai HOT

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As anyone with feet over a European size 38 (US 7.5) knows, finding decent shoes in Shanghai can be tricky. There’s nothing more disheartening than shopping with small-footed friends who seem to find exactly what they’re looking for among the racks, while ...... Read More>>

Retro Revolution: Where to Find Vintage Clothing in Shanghai HOT

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One of my favorite things about Shanghai is the total and utter freedom people exhibit when it comes to clothing choices. I’ve seen grunge, prep, goth… you name it, Shanghai has got it (including a girl in a taffeta party dress and heels walking down the ...... Read More>>

Chop Chop: Shanghai’s Top Hair Salons HOT

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Having a haircut in Shanghai can be rather hit or miss. Many an unsuspecting laowai has headed to their local chop-shop only to emerge with a follicular massacre on their head. A mixture of language problems and Chinese salons not being used to styling ...... Read More>>

Where to Find a Decent Tattoo Parlor in Shanghai HOT

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Tattoos are synonymous with rebellion and big city living, and Shanghai is certainly one big city, suggesting tattoo parlors aplenty. And shouldn’t China’s glitziest city boast a plethora of impressive tattoo parlors? However, not all parlors are created ...... Read More>>

Destination Relaxation: Shanghai’s Best Spas HOT

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Shanghai is a fast-paced city, and every so often you need to step back, take stock, and relax. You deserve to be pampered. And what better way to do this than at one of Shanghai’s spas? Take a look at the list of spas below to find the one that suits you ...... Read More>>

Threads on the Cheap: Shanghai's Bargain Clothes Markets HOT

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You’ve probably figured out by now that Shanghai is a shopping Mecca – shoes, accessories, electronics, antiques… It’s all right here in the city. One of the central commodities for expats and tourists alike, however, is clothes. And while there are ...... Read More>>

A Stitch in Time: How to Navigate Shanghai's Fabric Market HOT

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Shanghai is a shopper’s paradise. Her streets are branded with labels in both boisterous plazas and glossy boutiques, but the blaring billboards and bright lights overshadow striking examples of real craftsmanship. The fabric market is popular destination ...... Read More>>

Bought and Sold: Shanghai's Best Markets HOT

If there is one thing we Shanghai residents know, it’s shopping. Luckily, there are enough choices for every sort of mood. Feel like flexing your bargaining skills in a hustle and bustle atmosphere? Try the Fake Market. Prefer to pamper yourself in a more ...... Read More>>

Where to Get a Massage in Shanghai HOT


There’s no denying that massages are a great way of relaxing – throwing off the cares and tensions of daily life in the city. However, the world of massage and spas in Shanghai has something of a dodgy underbelly. Many parlours offer services that you ...... Read More>>

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