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Showing off Shanghai: 6 Restaurants to Impress Out-of-Town Clients

When you need to wine and dine an important client in Shanghai, choosing the right restaurant or bar is key. From stunning rooftop views to authentic soup dumplings, here are our favorite spots to entertain out-of-town clients in the Pearl of the Orient. Read more>>

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How to Get to Shanghai Disneyland Resort HOT


A guide on how to get to the newly opened Shanghai Disneyland. ... Read More>>

Swim, Drink and Be Merry: Summer Fun in Shanghai HOT

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Just because you’re looking forward to going home or taking a trip to somewhere exotic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summer in Shanghai. The city is packed with fun alternatives. Here are of our favorite summer activities in Shanghai. ... Read More>>

10 Activities in Shanghai that Won’t Damage Your Liver HOT

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Shanghai is without question a party city. But once the hangover kicks in and your feet are sore from dancing the night away, you may be looking for an alternative to pass your weekend. Here are 10 good liver-friendly options. ... Read More>>

7 New Museums in Shanghai Worth Checking Out HOT

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Shanghai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in China. There are skyscrapers, malls, buildings with European architecture, and lots and lots of museums. It seems that everyday you hear of a new museum opening in Shanghai – so which ones should you go to? ... Read More>>

Consumerist Architecture: Shanghai’s Most Impressive Malls HOT

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Shanghai is a consumerist paradise and its impressive malls befit the city that has been dubbed the ‘Paris’ of Asia. Art exhibits, enthralling architecture, stunning design and even the occasional shark tank put Shanghai’s malls a step above your average ...... Read More>>

Shanghai Forest Parks: The Perfect Escapes from the City HOT

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Shanghai may be known as a pulsating city with a thriving nightlife, dining and shopping scene, but what many may not know is that the city is also home to numerous forest parks. If it’s respite from the urban jungle that you need, consider heading to one ...... Read More>>

Get Your 15 Minutes of Fame: Comedy Clubs & Open Mic Nights in Shanghai HOT

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Whether comedy is your shtick or you prefer something more along the lines of a backing band, Shanghai’s various open mics are a great way to see what you’re made of – and a boozed up crowd doesn’t hurt, either…... Read More>>

Time for a New Hobby: New Year Resolution Ideas in Shanghai HOT

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New Year’s Resolutions quickly get forgotten as the holidays wind down. But resolutions don’t have to be a chore especially in Shanghai, where there are plenty of fun, new things to try out. ... Read More>>

Shanghai on Film: 8 Movies With Unforgettable Shanghai Scenes HOT

Shanghai is an eminently picturesque city, from the pretty streets and Art Deco villas of the former French Concession to the skyscrapers of Lujiazui and the colonial buildings that line the Bund. Many films have been set and filmed in Shanghai through the ...... Read More>>

A Literary Lover: Where to Enjoy Books in Shanghai HOT

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Shanghai is a great place to be if you’re a lover of literature. And while technically English may not be the main language spoken or written here, there are still plenty of places to indulge your reading addiction in your language of choice. From literary ...... Read More>>

Shanghai Watchdog – Bikini Parties, Brazilian Flip Flops and More HOT

As the Shanghai summer heat turns to a full-out BBQ, the last few weeks of July promise some great events and new openings. There's a lot to explore in the run-up to August, including a flip-flop pop-up shop, an array of new restaurants, and some cool gigs. ... Read More>>

7 Things You Must Do in Shanghai Before You Leave HOT

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So your time in Shanghai is coming to a close. Whether it's because you're changing jobs, changing significant others, or just tired of playing the China game, leaving this place can be harder than you expect. While you've had plenty of experiences – both ...... Read More>>

School’s Out: How to Keep the Kids Busy this Summer HOT

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We all know that Shanghai's summer can be a sweat-soaked, sticky season, when all you want to do is grab an icy, hulking chunk of watermelon or an ice cold drink and flake out in the draft of the nearest fan – but our kids don't let this stop them! As your ...... Read More>>

Fun Things to Do in Shanghai (That Don’t Involve Drinking) HOT

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Shanghai can get a bit wild, what with alcohol-fuelled events dominating the scene. But what if you don't drink? Or what if you're just looking for a much-needed detox session for a day, a week, a month? What in the world is there to do here? Read on for ...... Read More>>

Not a Dull Moment: Shanghai Performances this July HOT

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Summers in the city can be less than picture perfect. Between the hordes of people rushing to and from water parks and the ever-pervasive heat, going out to enjoy the nightlife may be the last thing on your mind. But this summer in Shanghai is the perfect ...... Read More>>

Shanghai Watchdog: PRIDE Winds Down, Beaches Open and More HOT

No matter whether you're a Shanghai veteran or newcomer, there's no excuse for you not to take advantage of the three-day weekend ahead to do something a little different. Be it amazing DJ performances, new restaurant openings, the Shanghai Pride and a host ...... Read More>>

The Shanghai Music Guide: Record Stores, Equipment, Recording Studios, Venues HOT

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While on the surface Shanghai may not seem like the most musical of cities, it actually has a lot to offer. From hard-to-find but worth-the-hunt music stores selling original vinyl records, to dozens of instrument stores providing a vast selection of ...... Read More>>

Shanghai Watchdog: Brawls on the Bund, Soul Singers and More HOT

The next two weeks promise to be heavy in sunshine and sweat. From the boxing bouts on the Bund to the funky grooves of the Friendly Fires at MAO Livehouse, your body will be clamouring for a rest. Thankfully, there will also be plenty of new restaurants ...... Read More>>

Shanghai’s Fuzhou Road: More than Just a Book Street HOT

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Fuzhou Road is one of the oldest roads in Shanghai. Back in the mid-19th century it was dotted with bookstores, publishing houses, press offices, as well as some 151 brothels. With so much history, it's not surprising that Fuzhou Road is considered one of ...... Read More>>

Get Your Skates On: Best Ice Skating Rinks in Shanghai HOT

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What better way to spend these last cold, dreary days of winter than practicing your pirouettes at one of Shanghai's many ice skating rinks? Of course, for most of us who engage in such activities, there is less pirouetting, and more slipping and sliding. ...... Read More>>

Discover Shanghai’s Book Café Culture HOT

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It all began when I was travelling in Beijing a few months ago. Strolling around the Sanlitun area alone around dinnertime, I stumbled upon a little place called "The Bookworm". I spent the evening there over a delicious meal and surrounded by a ...... Read More>>

A Cinephile’s Guide to Shanghai HOT

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A sprawling metropolis like Shanghai is the perfect place to enjoy film in a variety of ways. With movie theatres and DVD shops everywhere, the city has become a hotbed for cinema lovers. If watching movies is a favourite pastime of yours, check out our ...... Read More>>

The Broke Person’s Guide to Free Activities in Shanghai HOT

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There's nothing that inspires exploration quite like warm weather. There are enough parties, happy hours, and new restaurants to keep us busy for months – but all that debauchery can take a heavy toll on the almighty wallet. With that in mind, here are ...... Read More>>

DIY in Shanghai: Ideas for Unleashing Your Creativity HOT

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Shanghai is a do-it-yourself kind of city. Whether you come here to start your own business or just start a new life, Shanghai provides plenty of opportunities to do it your way. This ambitious attitude even extends to playtime, where lovers of everything ...... Read More>>

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