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Xiaomeisha Seaworld in Shenzhen: Explore the Mysteries of the Sea HOT

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Since its opening in 1998, Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Seaworld has attracted millions of visitors – young and old – to its 200,000 square meter homage to the sea. We take a look at some of the attractions and must-visit exhibits within the site. ... Read More>>

Step Back in Time: Discover the Temples of Shenzhen HOT

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Shenzhen holds a number of cultural gems within its borders, one of which comes in the form of religious temples. So next time you’re looking for a deeper side of China, look no further than this list of temples in Shenzhen. ... Read More>>

Shenzhen Summer Scorcher: 5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat HOT

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This city can get a little hot during the baking sun of the summer months, and with a population of millions well into double figures, everyone in this city will be feeling the heat. So what to do? Aside from the more down-to-earth activities of buying a ...... Read More>>

Stadiums in Shenzhen HOT

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From the Olympics in 2008 to this year’s World Expo in Shanghai, it seems that China will continue to find ways to display its present and past (5,000 years of history, if that is not already ingrained in your brain) to the world. Another example of ...... Read More>>

Pick of the Parks in Shenzhen HOT

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As China’s 3rd largest city, Shenzhen is full of congestion, pollution, and… greenery? Perhaps a bit surprising, but city planners have made a serious effort to cultivate gardens and other green spaces amid the skyscrapers that Shenzhen is better known ...... Read More>>

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