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Kunming’s Most Popular Shopping Malls HOT

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Kunming has always been an easy city to live in, and shopping is no exception. But with so many popular options, sometimes it can be hard to know where to go to get it all done. Whether it's purely clothes you're interested in, or the whole food ...... Read More>>

The Real Deal: Finding Import Beers in Kunming HOT

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Tsingtao goes great with Chinese food – that crisp, almost flavourless beer is refreshing with China's sauce-heavy dishes. But on its own, light Chinese beer doesn't always satisfy. When craving a heftier brew, Kunming beer-lovers seek out import beers. ... Read More>>

The Growing Organic Food Scene in Kunming HOT

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Only a few weeks ago, another food scandal hit China. This time, dairy company Mengniu recalled milk containing aflatoxin, a cancer-causing agent (蒙牛称毒奶事件). Citizen responses reflected accumulated outrage – in the last few years, food ...... Read More>>

A Guide to Local Tea Shopping in Kunming HOT

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The art of tea drinking is one of the deepest and most ancient aspects of Chinese high culture. The development of regional tea making techniques has spanned dynasties, and now there are thousands of tea varieties to choose from. These variations ...... Read More>>

Where to Find Imported Western Groceries in Kunming HOT

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The mountains are high and the emperor is far away. However, western groceries are just around the corner! Here is a rundown of our favourite places from which to taste the best of the west in Kunming. ... Read More>>

Deprived of Literature? Where to Find English Books in Kunming HOT

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Tucked away in southwest China, far from the major international metropolises of the east coast, Kunming might seem like one of the last places to find English reading material. In the past, a Kunming bookworm’s worst fate was to finish reading ...... Read More>>

Find it all at Kunming’s Fabulous and Varied Markets HOT

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Although many of Kunming’s markets have succumbed to the recent inner city development drive, there are still a few gems tucked away. They are as diverse as the province’s many ethnic minorities and from the weird to the wonderful, you’re bound to ...... Read More>>

Discovering Kunming’s Heartland: Jinma Biji HOT

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Kunming is often viewed by travelers as a convenient staging post for the more advertised wonders of Yunnan, such as Dali or Lijiang. The ‘Spring City’ offers so much more, however, and Jinma Biji Fang, in the heart of the metropolis, provides an array ...... Read More>>

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