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An Afternoon at Shamian Island HOT

If you have a weekend afternoon free and you want to get out of the downtown hustle and bustle of Guangzhou without traveling too far, Shamian Island (沙面岛) is a reliable bet for a pleasant atmosphere, good food, and an all around relaxing visit. ... Read More>>

Fun in Guangzhou: Great Weekend Activities HOT


How can one truly amuse oneself in Guangzhou at the weekends? Where do you go to have fun? After a week’s work you only have two days to relax, so any ideas? Below, we’ve compiled a list of fun ideas that you’re sure to like. ... Read More>>

Fun in the Sun: Guangzhou's Nicest Parks (Part 1) HOT


You probably know by now that summer and early fall in Guangzhou can be some of the least pleasant times to be outside. It’s hot, it’s incredibly humid, and the city streets are filled with gridlocked cars; like a living case study on the horrors of Global...... Read More>>

Guangdong by Bike, Part 2: Mid-Length Routes HOT

Guangdong by Bike, Part 1: Short Trips<br /> Mid-Length Routes <br /> These trips are good for people used to biking more regularly and who are able to bike up to 150 km. The distance of these routes range from 60 to 150 km; you can get all the ...... Read More>>

Guangdong by Bike, Part 1: Short Trips HOT

Short Trips These short rips (15 to 50 km roundtrip) are perfect for those who don’t frequently bike ride. These trips cover smaller areas and mostly travel paved roads; cross-country biking experience is not needed. Photo: Wootang001 Lover's Trip ...... Read More>>

Wailingding Island: A Peaceful Seaside Getaway HOT

Covering an area of 4.23 square kilometers, Wailingding Island (外伶仃岛) is one of the 140 islands of Zhuhai. ... Read More>>

Dongao Island: A Treasure Hunt to the Bottom of the Sea HOT

Not quite five meters square, Dongao Island is situated at the mouth of the Pearl River, southeast of Zhuhai, in an area called Lingding Sea. ... Read More>>

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