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Nature’s Ride: Top 4 Rafting Spots around Guangzhou HOT

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As Guangzhou's daily scorchers get more and more frequent, so does the desire to escape the city and get a breath of fresh air. Rafting is an exciting way to relieve stress, feel the cool (clean) breeze and get that adrenaline pumping. So grab your oars, ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Beautiful Neighbour: Foshan City HOT

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Foshan, Guangzhou's next-door neighbour, is a city often overlooked by visitors to the region. But this industrial city, important also for kung fu and ceramics, is developing rapidly and has some top-quality sights for a nice day out of Guangzhou. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou Sculpture Park: More than Just Sculptures HOT

One of the city's more under-appreciated tourist attractions, Guangzhou Sculpture Park (雕塑公园) is a definite must for any long-term resident or those just passing through. The vast array of sculptures is just one of the many selling points of the park, ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Adventures: A Visit to Yakushi Pearl Factory HOT

Many of Guangzhou's residents have heard of the jade, pearl, and jewellery markets in town; multi-level malls crammed with flashy, gem-stacked stalls. For a slightly more mellow experience, however, a visit to the Yakushi Pearl Factory will make for an ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Pearl River ― From Lifeline to Leisure Hub HOT

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From the vestiges of the city's past to the hints of its ultramodern future, the Pearl River's importance to Guangzhou is evident while walking, cycling and people-watching along its paved and shaded banks. ... Read More>>

Ride On – A Guide to Buying or Renting Bikes in Guangzhou HOT

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China has more bikes per capita than almost any other country in the world – which, with its population as large as it is, adds up to be a LOT of bicycles. So why wouldn’t any foreigner, cycling aficionado or not, want to experience the gut-wrenching ...... Read More>>

South of the Border — How to Get to Hong Kong or Macau from Guangzhou HOT

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Popular for weekend jaunts, visa runs, shopping trips, gambling and their airport hubs, Macau and Hong Kong are close enough to Guangzhou to feel like they're in your backyard. Whether you prefer boats, planes, trains or buses, Guangzhou residents have a ...... Read More>>

Cheap Beds, Cool Peeps – A look at Hostels in Guangzhou HOT

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Attention backpackers: Despite what you might have heard, Guangzhou does have hostels! While the quantity of lodging is not as abundant as in some other Chinese cities, in the past few years there have been some welcome additions to Guangzhou’s ...... Read More>>

6 Fun Things to Do in Guangzhou’s Panyu District HOT

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You may find yourself in Panyu for any number of reasons: work, business or the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of Guangzhou. With bluer skies, less traffic and better infrastructure for an easy commute to the city (it’s only about 30 minutes ...... Read More>>

Exploring the Pearl River Delta: Daytrips from Guangzhou HOT


Guangdong is a massive province and there’s more to it than just the slick commercial buzz of Shenzhen, or the multicultural hub of ancient Canton. We’ve listed some places that can be done as easy daytrips from the provincial capital, no more than three ...... Read More>>

Got Visitors in Town? Tips on Where to take them in Guangzhou HOT

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Picture the scene: your initial cheerfulness at hearing that your parents have booked a flight to come see their favourite globetrotter out in the unknown land of China is beset by panic. What on earth can you take them to do in Guangzhou? They probably ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Metro: A Slice of Life, Underground HOT

Since the line opened in the late 90s, Guangzhou’s metro system has expanded far beyond its first line through the city's centre. Recently extended for last November's Asian Games, Guangzhou’s subway system has now accrued more than 200 kilometers of ...... Read More>>

Extreme Sports Options for Adrenaline Junkies in Guangzhou HOT

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With the Asian Games just around the corner, it’s a better time than any to delve into all of the athletic offerings that Guangzhou has to offer. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, an exciting date idea, or a unique way to get in shape, this ...... Read More>>

Rugged History: Temples, Churches and Mosques in Guangzhou HOT

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Even though China's population is largely agnostic nowadays (with estimates ranging from 40%-60%) parts of Taoist and Buddhist belief still have a great influence on the common culture in southern China. Guangdong province was one of the first to get in ...... Read More>>

Sleepy Affair: Finding a Hotel that Suits You in Guangzhou HOT

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Guangzhou attracts visitors year round for business, tourism and politics and hosts numerous trade fairs, including the large biannual Canton Fair. As a result, Guangzhou has hundreds of star-level hotels, and promises even more rooms through apartment room ...... Read More>>

Top 10 Hills to Climb Around Guangzhou HOT

Guangzhou is located on Guangdong's lower plain, as the Pearl River nears its end. This broad, flat region is interspersed with only a few low mountains, Guangzhou's Baiyun being one of the most famous. However, ringing Guangzhou in the north is the start ...... Read More>>

China's National Day Holiday: Heading out of Guangzhou HOT


As China celebrates its National Day like every year on the 1st of October to remember the founding of the PRC in 1949, the so-called “Golden Week” gives most of us the opportunity for a week off work and the chance to use the spare time for travelling. ...... Read More>>

Get on the Bus! The Lowdown on Riding the Bus in Guangzhou HOT

Taking the bus in Guangzhou is a great way to get to know the city and its people. Not only that, but Guangzhou's bus system is cheap and convenient. Busses in Guangzhou cost just 2 RMB and can get you anywhere you want to go in the city. You can pick up an ...... Read More>>

Dongshan Neighbourhood's Quiet and Historical Oasis HOT

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Going from a poor suburb, to a Western settlement, to a stomping ground for wealthy Chinese, Dongshan, in Guangzhou, offers a modern escape just minutes from downtown. ... Read More>>

A Different Side of Guangzhou: Shangxiajiu's Distinct Flair HOT

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Shangxiajiu Walking Street lies west of downtown, running east and west with a network of narrow alleyways and tree-lined avenues on either side. I first discovered Shangxiajiu while searching for a part of Guangzhou that just looked different – different ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Weekend Getaway: Jiulong Lake Holiday Resort HOT

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The sweltering summer heat is upon us, which not only invites fatigue and dehydration but which also conjures up desires to flee the city, to embark on a relaxing weekend break far from the humid, loud chaos of the city. This symptom is better known as ...... Read More>>

Two-night Stand: What to Do with 48 Hours in Guangzhou HOT

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Stopping in Guangzhou for a weekend? Maybe you’re visiting from Hong Kong on business, or just passing through on your way to catch a flight home. Either way, if you have some time to kill in Guangzhou, there’s more than enough to keep you busy. ... Read More>>

Golden Brown: More of Guangzhou’s Best Parks HOT

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Now that the stifling summer days have given way to cooler, more inviting autumn afternoons, you might be looking for nice places to go spend some of your free time. Guangzhou has a wide variety of nice parks and gardens even in the busy heart of the city. ...... Read More>>

Monkey Business: Guangzhou’s Best Temples HOT

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Guangzhou<br /> is home to a great number of notable cultural and religious sites. It is an old city, and some might say that Guangzhou, like so many other places, has forsaken its past in the rush for prosperity. However, there are places in ...... Read More>>

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