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Limber Up and Slim Down: Yoga in Guangzhou HOT

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Staying fit and in shape abroad can be more trouble than you would expect. Finding the right gym can be hard considering the language barrier and if you are the kind of person who needs a coach to keep you motivated it can be almost impossible to find an ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou's Got Game: Stadiums around Town HOT

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Guangzhou is China's third largest city, and it has the lively sports scene to show it. Though passed over for a chance to hold the 2008 Olympics, Guangzhou is a regular location for national and international tournaments, especially in basketball, soccer, ...... Read More>>

Guangdong by Bike, Part 2: Mid-Length Routes HOT

Guangdong by Bike, Part 1: Short Trips<br /> Mid-Length Routes <br /> These trips are good for people used to biking more regularly and who are able to bike up to 150 km. The distance of these routes range from 60 to 150 km; you can get all the ...... Read More>>

Guangdong by Bike, Part 1: Short Trips HOT

Short Trips These short rips (15 to 50 km roundtrip) are perfect for those who don’t frequently bike ride. These trips cover smaller areas and mostly travel paved roads; cross-country biking experience is not needed. Photo: Wootang001 Lover's Trip ...... Read More>>

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