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Six of Guangzhou’s Best Pizzas from around the World HOT

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Pizza’s journey to becoming an international dish didn’t start with modern pizza chains or even with pizza’s Italian origins as a new distinct dish. Meals akin to pizza have existed for thousands of years, as it doesn’t take too long eating flat bread ...... Read More>>

Hidden History: Guangzhou’s Beijing Lu HOT

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Guangzhou’s Beijing Lu and its surrounding neighbourhood have gradually become known for one thing – shopping. Along with Teemall and Shangxiajiu, it is a top consumer destination, particularly for clothes. Lacking in its popular facade however, is its ...... Read More>>

Cravings from Home – Import Food Shops in Guangzhou HOT

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They say that no one ever writes poetry about cheese. Cheese, the theory goes, is too mundane and uninspiring for the artistic temperament. That’s not entirely true though. For all of us foreigners living in Guangzhou, cheese and other tastes from home are ...... Read More>>

Al Fresco Dining: Top 9 Outdoor Eateries in Guangzhou HOT

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Guangzhou's grim reputation as a crowded, hazy and fast-moving city can quickly disappear within its many parks and river walks. This southern metropolis does have its forest cover, and is in fact one of the greenest cities in the southern region. Having a ...... Read More>>

La Crème de la Crème: French Food in Guangzhou HOT

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Chinese food is great, but it’s always good to mix things up a bit, especially when it comes to gourmet cuisine. Luckily, there are some interesting restaurants in Guangzhou that make a nice change from Chinese street food or the same old meal choices in ...... Read More>>

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Guangzhou HOT

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Residing in China often leaves you with the greatest cravings for Western meals. Even in a city as large as Guangzhou, tracking down your favorites from home takes some time and learning about the city. If your craving is for hamburgers, the best places to ...... Read More>>

How To: Be Vegetarian in Guangzhou HOT

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Meat-free folk find it challenge to eat at ordinary Chinese restaurants, as most use fish oils and other meat products in the kitchen, and cook vegetables and meat in the same pan. Bad news for veggies. And what’s worse, many dishes in Chinese restaurants ...... Read More>>

Mamma Mia: Guangzhou's Best Italian Restaurants HOT

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Guangzhou is a great place for anyone who loves food. Guangdong Province is known throughout China for its southern delicacies, but every now in then, you fancy something a bit different. Sometimes you just need comfort food. Whether it’s lasagna the way ...... Read More>>

Two-night Stand: What to Do with 48 Hours in Guangzhou HOT

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Stopping in Guangzhou for a weekend? Maybe you’re visiting from Hong Kong on business, or just passing through on your way to catch a flight home. Either way, if you have some time to kill in Guangzhou, there’s more than enough to keep you busy. ... Read More>>

Curry in a Hurry: Indian Restaurants in Guangzhou HOT

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Whether you’re tired of the local food selections, or are just a big fan of curry, a taste of Indian food can really be a treat if you know where to go. Indian cuisine is known for its distinct use of spices, herbs, and unique cooking techniques that give ...... Read More>>

Caffeine Kick: Cafés around Guangzhou HOT

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Do you need to perk yourself up with some caffeine before work, but don’t want any of that nasty instant coffee you find in Guangzhou’s supermarkets? Maybe you want to relax over a warm drink, but you’re not really a tea person. If so, you’ll have ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou's German Connection: 1920 Restaurant and Bar HOT

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Guangzhou, although not as widely international as Shanghai, has long-term communities from all over the world, including Germany. The German connection in this busy port city is not always obvious, but a small community resides here, now mostly because of ...... Read More>>

Lemongrass, Mint and Galanga: Vietnamese Cuisine in Guangzhou HOT

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One of the best dining options in Guangzhou, as well as one of the most popular, is Vietnamese food. With dozens of restaurants now serving at least a handful of Vietnamese dishes, and several specializing in it, a few of Guangzhou's Vietnamese eateries ...... Read More>>

Best of Guangzhou's Latin Scene: Dance and Dining HOT

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Latin culture hasn't left much of a mark in Guangzhou, as it has in Shanghai or Beijing. Or become a regular part of city life, as it has in Hong Kong. Just a few years back I left an ad looking for someone to practice my Spanish with, and heard back from ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Days, Arabian Nights HOT

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Guangzhou has long been a trading city, and today, the streets are especially alive with communities from all over the world. One happy result of that is the diversity of food now on offer, and few things taste more of the exotic than food from the Middle ...... Read More>>

1001 Arabian Nights: A Middle Eastern Oasis in Guangzhou HOT

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A Thousand and One Nights Arabian Restaurant is located not far from the China Hotel. People who don’t know it may miss it. Just as Arabic culture is covered symbolically by a mysterious veil, it is low-profile, deep, serene and peaceful. ... Read More>>

El Espanol Fills Void in Guangzhou Restaurant Scene HOT

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The number of the Spanish restaurants in Guangzhou can be counted on the fingers of one hand. There used to be a very tasty Spanish restaurant, but it has shut completely and I forget its name. To fill the void of tasty Spanish eats is what El Espanol, a ...... Read More>>

Great Guangzhou Grub HOT

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The following several places have been hand picked to give you, the reader, a little bit of inspiration when looking for somewhere new to eat when out and about in the Cantonese capital of Guangzhou. Take a look at the following eateries and see if any of ...... Read More>>

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