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The Search for Guangzhou's "798" Art District HOT

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Beijing’s 798 art district is often called “Beijing’s art warehouse” for attracting some of the trendiest modern art around. So, does Guangzhou have any kind of similar “art warehouse” to boast of? Let’s begin our search in Guangzhou to find ...... Read More>>

Lights, Camera, Action: Cinemas in Guangzhou HOT

If you’ve been in China for a while and you’re starting to itch for a little reminder of home, a trip to the movies is a great way to sit back, relax, and get away from the city atmosphere. Guangzhou, as one of the first cities in China to open up to ...... Read More>>

Art History: Museum Galleries in Guangzhou HOT

If you find yourself with some downtime while you are in Guangzhou, but want to spend it on something a little more refined than visiting your usual expat watering hole, why not try checking out the local art scene? If you have any interest in fine art or ...... Read More>>

Fun in Guangzhou: Great Weekend Activities HOT


How can one truly amuse oneself in Guangzhou at the weekends? Where do you go to have fun? After a week’s work you only have two days to relax, so any ideas? Below, we’ve compiled a list of fun ideas that you’re sure to like. ... Read More>>

Where to Buy Books in Guangzhou HOT


Whether you’re new to town, or have been here a while, you’ve probably found that finding English books in Guangzhou is a task that is easier said than done. This is especially true if the book you are looking for is a foreign book about China, in which ...... Read More>>

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