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Try Them All: China’s 8 Great Cuisines

Chinese food in China is an entire universe of tastes and sensations where the very idea of a single ‘Chinese cuisine’ is blown away. There are eight key traditional cuisines, defined by geography and style, stretching from Guangdong to Shandong. Read more>>

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Green Suzhou: The City’s Oft Overlooked Parks HOT

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Suzhou is known around the world as a city full of beautifully laid-out classical gardens. What’s often overlooked in this green paradise, however, are the multitude of city parks and public spaces that add to the city’s charm. Unlike their touristy ...... Read More>>

Suzhou’s Museums: 2,500 Years of Culture on Display HOT

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Long a famous destination for viewers of classical Chinese gardens, Suzhou is also home to dozens of specialized museums that try to capture some of the millennia of history that has run through this city. Large and small, each facility seeks to focus on ...... Read More>>

New Suzhou Taihu Underwater World Opens HOT

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The new Taihu Underwater World is located in the heart of Suzhou’s Taihu Scenic Zone. The new aquarium, with an investment of 25 million USD, began its first trial period on October 13th. However eager marine enthusiasts will have to be patient and wait ...... Read More>>

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