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Jade Sea and Golden Sand: Nan Ao Island HOT

Reasons to Visit Nan Ao Island<BR /> Shantou’s Nan Ao Island (汕头南澳岛) is the peak of an undersea mountain dotted with beautiful windmills. The scenery is composed of ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen Island Getaway: A One day Trip to Xunliao Bay HOT


Take some time off from the thriving special economic zone with a weekend trip to an island getaway only 2 hours from Shenzhen. Enjoy fishing, swimming and various beach activities at Xunliao Bay. ... Read More>>

Beautiful Shenzhen Getaways: Xiaomeisha HOT

Located in Shenzhen's beautiful Dapengwan region, Xiaomeisha takes up just under four square kilometers, and is tucked in between the mountains and the sea. For years, the area has been filled with the laughter and joy of vacationing Shenzheners. In 1998, ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen's Unique Getaways HOT

Chinese Folk Culture Village<br /> China's best tourist attractions are spread out across the country. So how can you pick which one to go to? You don't have to make a tough decision, just head to the Chinese Folk Culture Village near Shenzhen. Here ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen - A Resort for Locals HOT

After leaving Shenzhen City, we drove for one hour before reaching Damei Sha. Mandarin City East, covers nearly nine square meters and is a special place where those looking to escape the city go on holiday. ... Read More>>

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