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Buon Appetito: Shenzhen’s Best Italian Restaurants HOT

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Italian food is one of the world’s richest and most varied, with many of its dishes a reflection of how a few simple ingredients can make for a rich dining experience. And indeed the presence of Italian restaurants in almost every corner of the world is ...... Read More>>

Get Your Caffeine Kick in Shenzhen's Cosiest Cafes HOT

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In terms of hot beverages, China was exclusively associated with tea culture for a long time. However, though still an avid tea-drinking nation, Chinese people certainly have begun to wake up and smell the coffee in recent years. Not so long ago finding ...... Read More>>

Finding Shenzhen's Best Burger HOT

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Though the true origins of the hamburger are somewhat ambiguous, one fact is very clear: burgers have taken the world by storm since they made their first appearance sometime in the 19th century, China being no exception. Though burgers can be found in ...... Read More>>

One Venue Two Functions: Restaurant Bars in Shenzhen HOT

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Often you may stumble upon a great restaurant and bar, love the food but hate the atmosphere. Conversely, you may hate the food but love the bar. With new bar/restaurant combo venues opening up across the city at an overwhelming rate, how are you to know ...... Read More>>

A Golden Deal: TCT Buffet HOT

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At present, buffets are becoming more and more popular. The TCT brand, a division of the Hong Kong Tao Heung Group, is fast becoming a favorite among buffet-goers. TCT serves global delicacies at very reasonable prices, offering food at the level of starred ...... Read More>>

Expat Friendly Dinners in Shenzhen HOT

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Romas<br /> Romas has a 70% expat cliental base and it is one of the places that expats hear or read about before even setting foot in Shenzhen. It is the longest established Western restaurant in Shekou’s Taizi Square (太子广场) with 8 years in ...... Read More>>

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