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Showing off Shanghai: 6 Restaurants to Impress Out-of-Town Clients

When you need to wine and dine an important client in Shanghai, choosing the right restaurant or bar is key. From stunning rooftop views to authentic soup dumplings, here are our favorite spots to entertain out-of-town clients in the Pearl of the Orient. Read more>>

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Shanghai's Best Online Fashion Stores HOT

Shopping in Shanghai is, for a large portion of the population (both local and expat), a way of life. A "national pastime", if you will. The rush of a large purchase, the feel of bags upon bags hanging on both arms, the trying on and re-trying on ...... Read More>>

Hunting Down Flowers and Plants in Shanghai’s Urban Jungle HOT

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Shanghai may well be an urban jungle, but locating actual foliage, blossoms and greenery to spruce up your apartment can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, houseplants can have numerous health benefits as well. ...... Read More>>

Tailor Made: The Best Places For Tailored Clothes in Shanghai HOT

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Shanghai is a city that has rich and vibrant historic links with the trade of fabrics and textiles. From its proximity to the ancient Silk Road trading routes to its development as a major trade port during the Qing Dynasty, and from the influx of ...... Read More>>

Ten Jewelry Shops in Shanghai to Spice Up Any Wardrobe HOT

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Pearl City<br /> Also known as the Hongqiao Pearl Market, this is the place to go when you're looking for cheap, cheap, cheap. They have everything from costume jewelry to (ahem) “pearls,” and they're not afraid to show you. Prices are generally ...... Read More>>

Design for Life: Shanghai’s Best Local Designers HOT

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At first glance, Shanghai isn’t a city that exudes originality when it comes to fashion (unless you’re talking about those bizarrely creative Chinglish T-shirts). A cursory glance down any street in Shanghai reveals a mix of pyjama-clad pensioners, young ...... Read More>>

Decorate an Apartment: Your Guide to Finding Wall Art in Shanghai HOT

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Let’s face it. Most fully furnished apartments in Shanghai weren’t designed by the most enthusiastic interior decorators. Chances are the furniture leaves much to be desired, never mind the endless expanses of blank white wall. It’s hard to make ...... Read More>>

Big Foot: Finding Western-size Shoes in Shanghai HOT

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As anyone with feet over a European size 38 (US 7.5) knows, finding decent shoes in Shanghai can be tricky. There’s nothing more disheartening than shopping with small-footed friends who seem to find exactly what they’re looking for among the racks, while ...... Read More>>

Retro Revolution: Where to Find Vintage Clothing in Shanghai HOT

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One of my favorite things about Shanghai is the total and utter freedom people exhibit when it comes to clothing choices. I’ve seen grunge, prep, goth… you name it, Shanghai has got it (including a girl in a taffeta party dress and heels walking down the ...... Read More>>

Jiashan Market: Shanghai’s New Urban Garden Community HOT

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One of Shanghai’s most interesting and exciting new openings has to be the Jiashan Market complex (嘉善市场) just off Shaanxi Nan Lu. It’s been in development since the spring, and hosted the first Eco Design Fair in April, but has only recently filled up ...... Read More>>

Shanghai Street Guide: Exploring Kangding Lu HOT

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Kangding Lu runs from Wanhangdu Lu in the west, cutting a swathe across the north of Jing’an District until it reaches Suzhou Creek and turns into Nan Suzhou Lu. While taken up with residential and office buildings for much of its length, Kangding Lu is ...... Read More>>

Bohemian Chic: Discovering the Gems of Taikang Lu HOT

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Taikang Lu itself can seem quite unassuming until one happens to stroll down its seemingly random side lanes. Then it opens up into maze of boho chic cafes, eclectic knickknack shops, and trendy artists studios. ... Read More>>

How to Make the Most of Your Chinese Kitchen HOT

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Chinese apartments aren't exactly known for their spacious kitchens. And while eating out is undoubtedly cheap here, sometimes you've just got to have a home-cooked meal! Below are some essentials that will not only make cooking easier, but also save you ...... Read More>>

Shanghai: New Openings around Town this Summer HOT

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This summer, Shanghai has seen an array of openings across the city, from a novelty photography studio to a modern revamp of a 1920s bar. Here is our rundown of what’s new around town in Shanghai. ... Read More>>

8 Options for Import Food Shopping in Shanghai HOT

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One of the great things about living in Shanghai is the variety of food and drink. There’s no shortage of restaurants and bars where you can find the sort of stuff you like to eat and drink. But what if you want to cook at home or fill your cupboards with ...... Read More>>

Shanghai’s Best Mooncakes HOT

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Ahh, Mid-Autumn Festival, a time to spend with family and friends, engage in some moon appreciation and perhaps most importantly, eat some moon cakes. Considered a staple during this time of year, these round pastries are fairly small in size (around ten ...... Read More>>

Health Food Stores in Shanghai HOT

Comments(7) ( View In Map )

Shanghai may be the place to go for swanky bars and haute cuisine, but when it comes to healthy, organic food – eh, not so much. The now defunct Ostore that opened way back in 2006 (and promptly closed due to an underperformance that was largely blamed on ...... Read More>>

Quiet Charm: A Guide to Jinxian Lu HOT

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Tucked away between the better known streets of Shaanxi Lu and Maoming Lu lies a quirky little avenue full of art, fashion, and great food. Jinxian Lu provides the perfect place to stroll while shopping for those hard-to-find outfits and accessories. Stop ...... Read More>>

A Guide to the Best Shops, Bars and Restaurants on Shanghai's Fumin Lu HOT

Comments(2) ( View In Map )

There are those times when you really want to impress someone – whether you have family or friends visiting from out of town, you’re on a first date, or you just want to remind yourself that, by God, you’re living in Shanghai! Well, Fumin Lu (富民路) is ...... Read More>>

New Shopping Dreamland: Shanghai's 889 Plaza Shopping Mall HOT

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The area of north Jing’an District around Wanhangdu Lu and Changshou Lu is having something of a renaissance lately. There’s a new Swiss restaurant on Kangding Lu next door to a bakery and an imported food shop, and Imago Plaza is soon to open just after ...... Read More>>

Home Delivery: Top Five Online Grocery Stores in Shanghai HOT


One of the joys of living in Shanghai is the abundance of home delivery options. From fine wines to DVDs to that coat rack that just wouldn’t fit into a cab, online shopping and home delivery make life so simple for the expat community that venturing ...... Read More>>

Wheely Good: The 10 Best Bike Shops in Shanghai HOT

Comments(26) ( View In Map )

There might be nine million bicycles in Beijing, but there's no shortage of them in Shanghai either. Sure, riding them isn't without its hazards – especially right now, what with every road being busily ripped up and Expo-sed – but they remain by far the ...... Read More>>

Electric Avenue: Shanghai's Electronic Markets HOT

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A trip to the market in Shanghai is a colourful experience to say the least. It’s not for the faint-hearted, as buyers and sellers play tactical games with one another in attempt to get exactly want they want. As in all games, someone has be the winner, so ...... Read More>>

Threads on the Cheap: Shanghai's Bargain Clothes Markets HOT

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You’ve probably figured out by now that Shanghai is a shopping Mecca – shoes, accessories, electronics, antiques… It’s all right here in the city. One of the central commodities for expats and tourists alike, however, is clothes. And while there are ...... Read More>>

How to...Find Your Way around Shanghai's Fake Market HOT

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Counterfeited products are readily available throughout China; from DVDs and CDs, to electrical products, jewellery, bags and clothing. Some of them are so good that even the most envious stares won’t be able to tell the difference between an original and ...... Read More>>

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