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Showing off Shanghai: 6 Restaurants to Impress Out-of-Town Clients

When you need to wine and dine an important client in Shanghai, choosing the right restaurant or bar is key. From stunning rooftop views to authentic soup dumplings, here are our favorite spots to entertain out-of-town clients in the Pearl of the Orient. Read more>>

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Luxury Lost in Nature: Naked Stables Private Reserve HOT

Nestled on 60 acres in the foothills surrounding the Shanghai area's most famous mountain, Moganshan, naked Stables Private Reserve is intent on taking the concept of an eco resort to the next level. We're talking serious luxury in a stunning locale, all ...... Read More>>

Get Your Vitamins: Shanghai's Best Fruit and Vegetable Markets HOT

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One great thing about living in China, and Shanghai in particular, is the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables available pretty much year round. Walk a few blocks in any direction and you're bound to run into a fruit stall (or five). A little less ...... Read More>>

Hunting Down Flowers and Plants in Shanghai’s Urban Jungle HOT

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Shanghai may well be an urban jungle, but locating actual foliage, blossoms and greenery to spruce up your apartment can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, houseplants can have numerous health benefits as well. ...... Read More>>

5 Unique Workouts for Shanghai’s City Dwellers HOT

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Shanghai is often thought of as a city where drinking is more of a sport than, well, actual sports. Some even think that incidences of “champagne elbow” may outnumber actual “tennis elbow.” With that in mind, here’s a roundup of unique exercises and ...... Read More>>

Vegging Out – The Top 5 Vegan Food Spots in Shanghai HOT

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Trying to find quality vegetarian options on the menu’s of many restaurants in Shanghai can often be an unrewarding task. Western restaurants may have one token vegetarian selection for you to ‘choose’ from, and Chinese restaurants will find innovative ...... Read More>>

What to Do If You Have an Emergency in Shanghai HOT

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China, in general, is a very safe country to live in. Even in a big city like Shanghai, the violent crime rate is very low – the biggest worries here tend to be theft or pick pocketing. It is always better to be prepared, however, whether you have a sudden ...... Read More>>

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Shanghai HOT

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Shanghai is a massive city, but it really doesn’t take very long to see all the main attractions. Once you’ve done the Bund, the museums, the French Concession stroll, People’s Square, and Yu Yuan, there isn’t an awful lot else. But we’ve dug up some ...... Read More>>

Baile Latina! Latin Dance and Swing in Shanghai HOT

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Dancing is beneficial in countless ways, both for your mind and your body – plus, it’s just fun! From tango to swing to salsa, join up with others who share your passion for booty shaking. Don’t think you have to be a professional, though. While most ...... Read More>>

Chop Chop: Shanghai’s Top Hair Salons HOT

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Having a haircut in Shanghai can be rather hit or miss. Many an unsuspecting laowai has headed to their local chop-shop only to emerge with a follicular massacre on their head. A mixture of language problems and Chinese salons not being used to styling ...... Read More>>

How to Greenify Your Apartment in Shanghai HOT

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Let's face it – Shanghai isn't exactly what you would call “green.” Depending on where you live within the city, the only glimpse of nature you may get during any given day is the occasional limp-limbed tree sitting near the sidewalk (that is, if the ...... Read More>>

Meat-Free Magic: Great Vegetarian Restaurants in Shanghai HOT

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Shanghai isn’t the easiest city in which to be a vegetarian. Even if you specifically ask for no meat, the chances are you’ll be given chicken anyway, and most broths and sauces are made using bones and meat products. So whether you’re a veggie for ...... Read More>>

Health Food Stores in Shanghai HOT

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Shanghai may be the place to go for swanky bars and haute cuisine, but when it comes to healthy, organic food – eh, not so much. The now defunct Ostore that opened way back in 2006 (and promptly closed due to an underperformance that was largely blamed on ...... Read More>>

Get Fit: Summer Sports in Shanghai HOT

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There's something about that blazing summer sun outside that makes people want to run around and get sweaty. And with Shanghai's plethora of summer sport opportunities, you'll have no trouble feeling the burn. Stick to tried and true favorites like ...... Read More>>

How to Find a Good Dentist in Shanghai HOT


Dentistry in Shanghai has come a long way since the days of patients sitting on rusty chairs out on the sidewalk while a “dentist” pulled abscessed teeth. No, now Shanghai is touted as a great place to come for good dentistry at a fraction of the cost of ...... Read More>>

Healthy Living: Finding Great Summer Salads in Shanghai HOT

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It would be an understatement to say that Shanghai’s summers are hot. Temperatures can rise into the 40s, and humidity makes air-con an absolute must. In this sort of weather, the last thing you feel like eating is a big, stodgy meal, so we’ve selected ...... Read More>>

Wheely Good: The 10 Best Bike Shops in Shanghai HOT

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There might be nine million bicycles in Beijing, but there's no shortage of them in Shanghai either. Sure, riding them isn't without its hazards – especially right now, what with every road being busily ripped up and Expo-sed – but they remain by far the ...... Read More>>

Destination Relaxation: Shanghai’s Best Spas HOT

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Shanghai is a fast-paced city, and every so often you need to step back, take stock, and relax. You deserve to be pampered. And what better way to do this than at one of Shanghai’s spas? Take a look at the list of spas below to find the one that suits you ...... Read More>>

How To: Stay Warm and Keep Fit This Winter HOT

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It’s cold outside, there’s no denying it. The onset of the Shanghai winter means that you’ve locked your bike away, and there’s not much chance you’ll be walking any further than the Lawson’s at the end of your block. Let’s admit it – you’ll only ...... Read More>>

Shanghai's Most Expat-Friendly Hospitals HOT

Comments(11) ( View In Map )

Having to go to the hospital is always a scary experience. That said, going to the hospital in a foreign country where your native language is not spoken can be downright terrifying. Luckily, Shanghai is more than well-equipped when it comes to ...... Read More>>

A Different Kind of Clubbing: Expat Sports Clubs in Shanghai HOT


Late in the evening, after a busy day at work, you hit the gym. You find your same old treadmill and begin the routine; your Ipod is set to the same play list, drowning out the monotonous pounding of your trainers as you increase the pace on the ...... Read More>>

Put that Drink Down: Alternative Activities in Shanghai HOT

If you’ve just moved to Shanghai, you might be a bit overwhelmed by all the advertisements for “singles” – singles nights, singles bars, guides on how to hook up when you’re single… But what if you’re not? What is there to do in Shanghai when you’re ...... Read More>>

Work it Out: Shanghai’s Gyms HOT


Finding a decent gym in Shanghai isn’t the easiest of tasks. They all claim to be the best on their own websites, and people want different things from their gym experience, so it’s hard to know which one will suit you. Prices vary too, so how do you know ...... Read More>>

Where to Get a Massage in Shanghai HOT


There’s no denying that massages are a great way of relaxing – throwing off the cares and tensions of daily life in the city. However, the world of massage and spas in Shanghai has something of a dodgy underbelly. Many parlours offer services that you ...... Read More>>

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