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Showing off Shanghai: 6 Restaurants to Impress Out-of-Town Clients

When you need to wine and dine an important client in Shanghai, choosing the right restaurant or bar is key. From stunning rooftop views to authentic soup dumplings, here are our favorite spots to entertain out-of-town clients in the Pearl of the Orient. Read more>>

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Shanghai's Best Booze Delivery Services HOT

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What's better than going out with your friends to grab some drinks in Shanghai? How about having those drinks delivered right to your doorstep? This dream come true is made possible by the handful of beer, wine and liquor delivery services that have been ...... Read More>>

Vegging Out – The Top 5 Vegan Food Spots in Shanghai HOT

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Trying to find quality vegetarian options on the menu’s of many restaurants in Shanghai can often be an unrewarding task. Western restaurants may have one token vegetarian selection for you to ‘choose’ from, and Chinese restaurants will find innovative ...... Read More>>

Countdown to Summer with Shanghai’s 10 Best Cocktails HOT

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Nothing says summer like lounging around in the sun, lazily sipping on a cocktail that makes the unbearable heat of Shanghai just a bit more bearable. While there is certainly no shortage of places in which to imbibe (especially outdoors) here, there are ...... Read More>>

Shanghai’s Top 5 Spots for a Picnic HOT

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The spring season which seems to last, oh, all of about two weeks here in Shanghai is upon us, so now is the time to jump on that age old tradition we all know and love from childhood – going on a picnic! Admittedly it can be difficult to find a patch of ...... Read More>>

Shanghai’s 5 Best Middle Eastern Restaurants HOT

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Middle Eastern food can be a bit confusing for the uninitiated. Where exactly does it come from? Can one country claim it as their own? The truth is that Middle Eastern food is simply a term used to encompass the cuisine of many different countries, ...... Read More>>

Best Milkshakes in Shanghai? The Top 6 Contenders HOT

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It may be true that everyone screams for ice cream, but sometimes you want something a little more filling for a sweet treat. Milkshakes are catching on as Shanghai’s restaurants continue to adopt American staples to please Western palates. ...... Read More>>

A Slice of Creamy Heaven: Shanghai’s Best Cheesecakes HOT

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While chocolate desserts usually get all the attention, there are some alternatives out there for the less cocoa inclined. One such treat is a good old-fashioned slice of cheesecake, basically because there are so many variations on the “original” that ...... Read More>>

Shanghai’s Top 5 Spots for Hot Chocolate HOT

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With the long, frigid winters here in Shanghai, there is really very little that can beat a warm, steaming mug of hot chocolate. For something seemingly so simple to make, though, it takes a surprising amount of attention to detail and expertise to make ...... Read More>>

Shanghai Steak Search: Hunting for the Best Steakhouses in Town HOT

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Finding a decent steak in Shanghai was a virtual impossibility just a decade ago. Now, the city is flush with good cuts of beef, and with rumours circling about the possibility of restrictions on USDA imports being lifted, it looks like 2011 could be the ...... Read More>>

Sea of Frothy Hops: Shanghai’s Best Beer Bars HOT

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Up until a few years ago, Tsingtao was pretty much the only reasonable beer on tap in Shanghai. Now, thanks to many beer aficionados turned bar owners, the city is swimming in a sea of frothy hops imported from beer capitals around the world (we’re looking ...... Read More>>

Cooking up a Storm: Shanghai’s Six Best Cooking Classes HOT

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Although Shanghai’s dining scene can be somewhat hit and miss, it really is a foodie’s haven, with most international cuisines represented, and every budget catered for. But if you’ve sampled everything the city has to offer your palate and yearn for ...... Read More>>

Turophilia in Shanghai: Where to Find the Best Cheese HOT

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China may not be renowned for its excellent cheeses. With one notable exception (which we’ll come to a bit later), the only way to find good cheese is at Shanghai’s imported goods shops, and the Western goods aisles at the big supermarkets. Unfortunately, ...... Read More>>

Our Daily Bread: Shanghai’s Best Western Bakeries HOT

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It’s hardly breaking news that decent bread can be hard to find in Shanghai. Local chain bakeries churn out sickly-sweet loaves, and even imported goods aisles in big supermarkets offer little but rock-hard baguettes. The good news is that there are ...... Read More>>

Crispy, Crusty, Cheesy: Finding the Best Pizza in Shanghai HOT

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If you want to start a controversial conversation amongst expats in Shanghai, just ask them what restaurant has the best pizza. Thin or thick crust, sweet or savory tomato sauce, wood-fired grill or old-fashioned oven: the options are seemingly endless. And ...... Read More>>

Thanksgiving 2010: Dinner Deals and Events in Shanghai HOT

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Thanksgiving is upon us once again (for non-Americans and those just completely out of the loop – it falls on Thursday, November 25 this year), which means Americans around the world will participate in that time-honoured tradition of eating ridiculous ...... Read More>>

Jiashan Market: Shanghai’s New Urban Garden Community HOT

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One of Shanghai’s most interesting and exciting new openings has to be the Jiashan Market complex (嘉善市场) just off Shaanxi Nan Lu. It’s been in development since the spring, and hosted the first Eco Design Fair in April, but has only recently filled up ...... Read More>>

Awesome Dining: Shanghai’s Top American Restaurants HOT

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It’s November, which means Americans are training our stomachs in preparation of one of our most needlessly gluttonous holidays. That’s right, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and American expats in Shanghai are already on the lookout for their next ...... Read More>>

Shanghai Street Guide: Exploring Kangding Lu HOT

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Kangding Lu runs from Wanhangdu Lu in the west, cutting a swathe across the north of Jing’an District until it reaches Suzhou Creek and turns into Nan Suzhou Lu. While taken up with residential and office buildings for much of its length, Kangding Lu is ...... Read More>>

Meat-Free Magic: Great Vegetarian Restaurants in Shanghai HOT

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Shanghai isn’t the easiest city in which to be a vegetarian. Even if you specifically ask for no meat, the chances are you’ll be given chicken anyway, and most broths and sauces are made using bones and meat products. So whether you’re a veggie for ...... Read More>>

8 Options for Import Food Shopping in Shanghai HOT

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One of the great things about living in Shanghai is the variety of food and drink. There’s no shortage of restaurants and bars where you can find the sort of stuff you like to eat and drink. But what if you want to cook at home or fill your cupboards with ...... Read More>>

Shanghai’s Best Mooncakes HOT

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Ahh, Mid-Autumn Festival, a time to spend with family and friends, engage in some moon appreciation and perhaps most importantly, eat some moon cakes. Considered a staple during this time of year, these round pastries are fairly small in size (around ten ...... Read More>>

Health Food Stores in Shanghai HOT

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Shanghai may be the place to go for swanky bars and haute cuisine, but when it comes to healthy, organic food – eh, not so much. The now defunct Ostore that opened way back in 2006 (and promptly closed due to an underperformance that was largely blamed on ...... Read More>>

How To: Be Outgoing AND Enjoy a Cheap Shanghai Weekend HOT

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Let’s face it – Shanghai weekends can be expensive. The booze, the brunches, the drunken splurges… Sure you can keep it cheap if you only frequent the street food vendors and stay inside to watch pirated DVD’s (and trust me, I’ve done that plenty a ...... Read More>>

Healthy Living: Finding Great Summer Salads in Shanghai HOT

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It would be an understatement to say that Shanghai’s summers are hot. Temperatures can rise into the 40s, and humidity makes air-con an absolute must. In this sort of weather, the last thing you feel like eating is a big, stodgy meal, so we’ve selected ...... Read More>>

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