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Showing off Shanghai: 6 Restaurants to Impress Out-of-Town Clients

When you need to wine and dine an important client in Shanghai, choosing the right restaurant or bar is key. From stunning rooftop views to authentic soup dumplings, here are our favorite spots to entertain out-of-town clients in the Pearl of the Orient. Read more>>

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Wheely Good: The 10 Best Bike Shops in Shanghai HOT

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There might be nine million bicycles in Beijing, but there's no shortage of them in Shanghai either. Sure, riding them isn't without its hazards – especially right now, what with every road being busily ripped up and Expo-sed – but they remain by far the ...... Read More>>

Putting Health First: Shanghai’s Best Hospitals for Expats HOT

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“If I were to suddenly become sick, where should I go?” – one of the most important questions an expat in Shanghai will want to know the answer to. Fortunately, Shanghai is home to a number of high quality international hospitals and medical centers ...... Read More>>

Relax in the City: Where to get a Massage in Shanghai HOT

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Need to de-stress from life in the city? Shanghai has hundreds of choices where you can get a massage. We’ve found you a handful of expensive places that are luxurious and peaceful and some inexpensive alternatives that offer a clean environment and good ...... Read More>>

Where to Get a Massage in Shanghai HOT


There’s no denying that massages are a great way of relaxing – throwing off the cares and tensions of daily life in the city. However, the world of massage and spas in Shanghai has something of a dodgy underbelly. Many parlours offer services that you ...... Read More>>

Home Delivery: Top Five Online Grocery Stores in Shanghai HOT


One of the joys of living in Shanghai is the abundance of home delivery options. From fine wines to DVDs to that coat rack that just wouldn’t fit into a cab, online shopping and home delivery make life so simple for the expat community that venturing ...... Read More>>

How to...Find Your Way around Shanghai's Fake Market HOT

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Counterfeited products are readily available throughout China; from DVDs and CDs, to electrical products, jewellery, bags and clothing. Some of them are so good that even the most envious stares won’t be able to tell the difference between an original and ...... Read More>>

Sin City: Is Shanghai Still the Whore of the Orient? HOT


During Shanghai’s Golden Age from the mid 1800s until the Communists took over in 1949, the city had a well-earned reputation for vice. Its very name was a synonym for dodgy dealings; if you were “shanghaied”, you were kidnapped and forced ...... Read More>>

Electric Avenue: Shanghai's Electronic Markets HOT

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A trip to the market in Shanghai is a colourful experience to say the least. It’s not for the faint-hearted, as buyers and sellers play tactical games with one another in attempt to get exactly want they want. As in all games, someone has be the winner, so ...... Read More>>

Chop Chop: Shanghai’s Top Hair Salons HOT

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Having a haircut in Shanghai can be rather hit or miss. Many an unsuspecting laowai has headed to their local chop-shop only to emerge with a follicular massacre on their head. A mixture of language problems and Chinese salons not being used to styling ...... Read More>>

7 Things You Must Do in Shanghai Before You Leave HOT

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So your time in Shanghai is coming to a close. Whether it's because you're changing jobs, changing significant others, or just tired of playing the China game, leaving this place can be harder than you expect. While you've had plenty of experiences – both ...... Read More>>

Threads on the Cheap: Shanghai's Bargain Clothes Markets HOT

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You’ve probably figured out by now that Shanghai is a shopping Mecca – shoes, accessories, electronics, antiques… It’s all right here in the city. One of the central commodities for expats and tourists alike, however, is clothes. And while there are ...... Read More>>

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Shanghai HOT

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Shanghai is a massive city, but it really doesn’t take very long to see all the main attractions. Once you’ve done the Bund, the museums, the French Concession stroll, People’s Square, and Yu Yuan, there isn’t an awful lot else. But we’ve dug up some ...... Read More>>

Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Shanghai HOT

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Making a good cocktail is an art form, and while the Chinese have paper cutting down to a science, mixology is a skill they’re still struggling to master. Lucky for denizens of Shanghai, the Japanese have imported their mature brand of cocktail bars to the ...... Read More>>

Shanghai's Best (and Closest!) Beaches HOT


Everyone's looking for a beach getaway during these hot summer months. Unfortunately, Shanghai is not exactly renowned for its clear, blue ocean and soft, sandy shore. Nevertheless, there are some options relatively close by for those willing to venture ...... Read More>>

Don’t Strain Your Wallet: Finding the Right Gym in Shanghai HOT

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Summer is here! That means it’s time to start working out to get that swimsuit body. Finding the perfect gym that’s in the right location, a reasonable price and not too crowded can be time consuming. Here’s an extensive list of popular fitness centers ...... Read More>>

Best Rooftop Patios in Shanghai – Bund Edition HOT

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There is no shortage of rooftop patios in Shanghai, so we’ve decided to uncover the best spots one area at a time. Under the microscope in this edition: The Bund – Shanghai’s ever famous waterfront area and magnet of fine wining and dining. ... Read More>>

Cooking up a Storm: Shanghai’s Six Best Cooking Classes HOT

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Although Shanghai’s dining scene can be somewhat hit and miss, it really is a foodie’s haven, with most international cuisines represented, and every budget catered for. But if you’ve sampled everything the city has to offer your palate and yearn for ...... Read More>>

Where to Buy Outdoor Sports Gear in Shanghai HOT

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With the weather warming up and spring (hopefully) on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start thinking about outdoor sports. While Shanghai may not seem like the ideal place to pursue things like hiking, camping, or biking, there are plenty of places ...... Read More>>

Shanghai's Top 10 Bars HOT

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It goes without saying that different people want different things from bars, and Shanghai-ites are no exception. Some crave the glamour of the Bund’s best nightspots, believing that stunning views make their pricey cocktails taste all the sweeter; others ...... Read More>>

Big Foot: Finding Western-size Shoes in Shanghai HOT

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As anyone with feet over a European size 38 (US 7.5) knows, finding decent shoes in Shanghai can be tricky. There’s nothing more disheartening than shopping with small-footed friends who seem to find exactly what they’re looking for among the racks, while ...... Read More>>

Shanghai’s Top 5 Dim Sum Restaurants HOT

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Dim sum, the Cantonese style dishes typically served in small or bite-sized portions, are popular throughout China for good reason. It's a great way to sample some of the best that Chinese food has to offer, all while trying new flavours and ingredients ...... Read More>>

A Stitch in Time: How to Navigate Shanghai's Fabric Market HOT

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Shanghai is a shopper’s paradise. Her streets are branded with labels in both boisterous plazas and glossy boutiques, but the blaring billboards and bright lights overshadow striking examples of real craftsmanship. The fabric market is popular destination ...... Read More>>

Shanghai's Top Gay Bars and Clubs HOT

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For the LGBT community, the pickings here in Shanghai can sometimes be a little thin. Luckily, the city is becoming a little more open every year, with the first annual...... Read More>>

Tailor Made: The Best Places For Tailored Clothes in Shanghai HOT

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Shanghai is a city that has rich and vibrant historic links with the trade of fabrics and textiles. From its proximity to the ancient Silk Road trading routes to its development as a major trade port during the Qing Dynasty, and from the influx of ...... Read More>>

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