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Go Crazy for Leather: Guangzhou’s Sanyuanli Market HOT

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They say people do crazy things in foreign countries, like buy leather coats (or trousers). In that line of reasoning, your trip to, or stay in Guangzhou may not be complete without a visit to the Guihuagang leather area. ... Read More>>

A Dentist for Every Guangzhou Expat HOT

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Navigating your way through the different types of dentists can be hard, especially when your tooth won’t stop throbbing. eChinacities has done your homework and compiled a list of suitable options, for every type of expat. ... Read More>>

Summer Fruit Picking: Where to Pick Lychees Around Guangzhou HOT

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This article highlights the best spots for picking lychees around Guangzhou, one of the main areas in China where lychees are grown. While you’re at it, why not make a day trip out of it and enjoy the sunny outdoors! ... Read More>>

Sexual Harassment is on the Rise in Guangzhou’s Metro HOT


It was 18:00 on September 2 and Miss Hu had just gotten off work. She followed her usual routine of taking the Line 5 metro from Wuyangcun towards Zhujiang New Town. As she stood in the carriage—perhaps thinking about her evening dinner or recapping the ...... Read More>>

Frugal Finds: Cheap and Free Things to do in Guangzhou HOT


Despite its comparatively large expat community, the majority of activities that Guangzhou offers which cater to us are still overpriced and, unfortunately, often of questionable quality. However, once you become settled in and develop a wide-enough social ...... Read More>>

Good Fit on Waist and Wallet: Best Tailors in Guangzhou HOT

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Due to the heterogeneous nature of laowai body builds, buying clothing can be somewhat difficult for expats in China. One of the solutions is to go to an upscale shopping centre and find some of the foreign-name brands, and swallow the extra cost. However, ...... Read More>>

Beat the Heat this Summer – Places to Cool Down in Guangzhou HOT

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May and June mark the beginning of Guangzhou’s hottest, wettest season – and the time of year when newly arrived foreigners realise it’s hard getting used to the subtropical climate. With daily highs hovering in the 30s throughout the humid summer, even ...... Read More>>

Home Away from Home - Guangzhou’s Expat-Friendly Neighbourhoods HOT

Not sure where to make your home in Guangzhou? Here are a few of the neighbourhoods Guangzhou expatriates seem to favour, according to location, general prices, transportation, schools and attractions. ... Read More>>

Educate Yourself—Expat-Friendly Classes in Guangzhou HOT

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Living abroad is a learning experience in itself. However, once that "shiny newness" has worn off the new home, expats sometimes find themselves cocooning into a routine, often involving laying on the couch and watching too many DVDs. Fight the ...... Read More>>

Ride On – A Guide to Buying or Renting Bikes in Guangzhou HOT

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China has more bikes per capita than almost any other country in the world – which, with its population as large as it is, adds up to be a LOT of bicycles. So why wouldn’t any foreigner, cycling aficionado or not, want to experience the gut-wrenching ...... Read More>>

South of the Border — How to Get to Hong Kong or Macau from Guangzhou HOT

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Popular for weekend jaunts, visa runs, shopping trips, gambling and their airport hubs, Macau and Hong Kong are close enough to Guangzhou to feel like they're in your backyard. Whether you prefer boats, planes, trains or buses, Guangzhou residents have a ...... Read More>>

Online Clothing Shops that have Your Size AND Deliver to Guangzhou! HOT


When clothes shopping, expatriates in China are often the recipients of the most discouraging phrase in Chinese—mei you(don't have). Whether it's a pair of jeans just one size up, a brassiere that doesn't crack your ribs or a pair of running shoes that ...... Read More>>

Cheap Beds, Cool Peeps – A look at Hostels in Guangzhou HOT

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Attention backpackers: Despite what you might have heard, Guangzhou does have hostels! While the quantity of lodging is not as abundant as in some other Chinese cities, in the past few years there have been some welcome additions to Guangzhou’s ...... Read More>>

Heavy Petting – Advice on Keeping Pets in Guangzhou HOT

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When the subject of dogs or cats comes up in China it’s often more along the lines of food than it is of pets, as expats joke as to the true nature of meat-on-a-stick or the fact that you can still eat dog in Guangzhou if you know where to look. However, ...... Read More>>

Furniture Frenzy: Places to Pimp Your Pad in Guangzhou HOT

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Your home should be a pleasure, a space so uniquely yours that when you enter it you instantly feel comforted. However, for expats living abroad, home might just mean one in a series of rented apartments. But just because you don't own it doesn't mean you ...... Read More>>

6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Guangzhou HOT

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Settling into a big city like Guangzhou takes a lot of time no matter who you are. Learning transportation routes, finding your favourite foods and getting an idea of entertainment options is a long process. Guidebooks and internet how-tos abound, but often ...... Read More>>

No Man is an Island: Ways to Meet People in Guangzhou HOT

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Arriving in a new place can be a daunting experience, perhaps even more so when you are faced with the likes of Guangzhou with its tall buildings and crowded streets. Or maybe you’ve been in Guangzhou for a while and fancy checking out a new scene. Of ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Metro: A Slice of Life, Underground HOT

Since the line opened in the late 90s, Guangzhou’s metro system has expanded far beyond its first line through the city's centre. Recently extended for last November's Asian Games, Guangzhou’s subway system has now accrued more than 200 kilometers of ...... Read More>>

Sleepy Affair: Finding a Hotel that Suits You in Guangzhou HOT

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Guangzhou attracts visitors year round for business, tourism and politics and hosts numerous trade fairs, including the large biannual Canton Fair. As a result, Guangzhou has hundreds of star-level hotels, and promises even more rooms through apartment room ...... Read More>>

Retail Heaven: A Guide to Guangzhou’s Bargain Markets HOT

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With markets that date back a few decades, the city that sells everything is certainly no stranger to clothing. If you’re looking for clothes in Guangzhou, you’ll find plenty in lovely boutiques at Tee Mall, but the price tags might spark some laughter as ...... Read More>>

Get on the Bus! The Lowdown on Riding the Bus in Guangzhou HOT

Taking the bus in Guangzhou is a great way to get to know the city and its people. Not only that, but Guangzhou's bus system is cheap and convenient. Busses in Guangzhou cost just 2 RMB and can get you anywhere you want to go in the city. You can pick up an ...... Read More>>

Expat Friendly Hospitals in Guangzhou HOT

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Though we may feel super healthy and invincible now, there will come a time in all of our lives where a visit to the doctor is inevitable. A stint in hospital is one of those things we always have to take into consideration, and knowing where to go during ...... Read More>>

How To: Be Vegetarian in Guangzhou HOT

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Meat-free folk find it challenge to eat at ordinary Chinese restaurants, as most use fish oils and other meat products in the kitchen, and cook vegetables and meat in the same pan. Bad news for veggies. And what’s worse, many dishes in Chinese restaurants ...... Read More>>

Two-night Stand: What to Do with 48 Hours in Guangzhou HOT

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Stopping in Guangzhou for a weekend? Maybe you’re visiting from Hong Kong on business, or just passing through on your way to catch a flight home. Either way, if you have some time to kill in Guangzhou, there’s more than enough to keep you busy. ... Read More>>

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