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Go Crazy for Leather: Guangzhou’s Sanyuanli Market HOT

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They say people do crazy things in foreign countries, like buy leather coats (or trousers). In that line of reasoning, your trip to, or stay in Guangzhou may not be complete without a visit to the Guihuagang leather area. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center: More than Just Campuses HOT

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Looking for something cool to do in your spare time or longing to mix with some hip young crowds? Then head over to the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, there’s plenty in store to keep you occupied. ... Read More>>

Best Markets in Guangzhou for Culture Vultures HOT

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We take a look at some of Guangzhou’s best antique markets, where shoppers can indulge in the buying of ceramics, jade, cultural relics, and more. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou’s Flower Markets: Where to Buy Flowers on a Budget HOT

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Looking for an instant and low-budget way of perking up your flat, while at the same time improving the indoor air quality? Or are you wondering where to pick up a bouquet of flowers for the upcoming Valentine’s Day? Look no further than these flower ...... Read More>>

Popular Clothing Markets on Guangzhou’s Guangyuan Xi Lu HOT

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Inexpensive clothing markets aren't hard to find in a city built on foreign exports like Guangzhou, but if you need a good starting point, check out Guangyuan Xi Lu (广元西路). Here you'll find an especially dense concentration of cheap clothing markets, ...... Read More>>

The Healthy Option: Organic Farms That Deliver Around Guangzhou HOT

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With all the food safety scandals blowing up around here, one might be forgiven for worrying about how to buy safe, healthy produce in Guangzhou. But with a range of options for affordable home delivery, organic fruits, vegetables, and meats can actually be ...... Read More>>

Music to Your Ears: Musical Instrument Shops in Guangzhou HOT

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Once you have your visa sorted and have got your head around all the differences of a life in China, it's important to keep up with your hobbies and interests to really settle in. While plenty of expats ease into a life of drinking and going out to ...... Read More>>

Good Fit on Waist and Wallet: Best Tailors in Guangzhou HOT

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Due to the heterogeneous nature of laowai body builds, buying clothing can be somewhat difficult for expats in China. One of the solutions is to go to an upscale shopping centre and find some of the foreign-name brands, and swallow the extra cost. However, ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Adventures: A Visit to Yakushi Pearl Factory HOT

Many of Guangzhou's residents have heard of the jade, pearl, and jewellery markets in town; multi-level malls crammed with flashy, gem-stacked stalls. For a slightly more mellow experience, however, a visit to the Yakushi Pearl Factory will make for an ...... Read More>>

Zhujiang New Town – International Hotspot in Guangzhou HOT

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In recent years, the Zhujiang New Town (Zhujiang Xin Cheng - 珠江新城) district has become one of Guangzhou's hottest addresses. A southward extension of Tianhe district's CBD, the New Town also hosts brand-new cultural venues, sought-after accommodation ...... Read More>>

Super Shopping: Tianhe’s New League of Consumption Hot Spots HOT

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Just in time for spring shopping season, Guangzhou’s expanse of the indoor shopping experience has thriced itself with the additions of Tianhe Fashion Walk, TaiKooHui and One Link Walk. All located in Tianhe District and basically within the same city ...... Read More>>

Ride On – A Guide to Buying or Renting Bikes in Guangzhou HOT

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China has more bikes per capita than almost any other country in the world – which, with its population as large as it is, adds up to be a LOT of bicycles. So why wouldn’t any foreigner, cycling aficionado or not, want to experience the gut-wrenching ...... Read More>>

Finding the “Secret” Handicrafts Areas in Guangzhou HOT

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While name brand and knock-off shopping is easy in Guangzhou—locals and expats alike seem to live and breathe it—if you're not shopping for fashion, a few passes through the malls of the metropolis can feel like an exercise in monotony. Shoppers who are ...... Read More>>

Online Clothing Shops that have Your Size AND Deliver to Guangzhou! HOT


When clothes shopping, expatriates in China are often the recipients of the most discouraging phrase in Chinese—mei you(don't have). Whether it's a pair of jeans just one size up, a brassiere that doesn't crack your ribs or a pair of running shoes that ...... Read More>>

Furniture Frenzy: Places to Pimp Your Pad in Guangzhou HOT

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Your home should be a pleasure, a space so uniquely yours that when you enter it you instantly feel comforted. However, for expats living abroad, home might just mean one in a series of rented apartments. But just because you don't own it doesn't mean you ...... Read More>>

Old School Shopping—An Introduction to Guangzhou's Markets HOT

For centuries, Guangzhou's markets have enticed travelers. Unlike the Western shopping culture that bred the department store where a variety of goods are available under one roof, in ancient Asia tradesmen would base themselves and their wares around a ...... Read More>>

Green Groceries in Guangzhou – In Search of Organic Products HOT

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If we are what we eat, then most of us could probably sell ourselves as pesticides. Recent years have unraveled food quality scandals in China that have prompted even the least eco-minded of us to check grocery store labels more carefully. Ironically, ...... Read More>>

iWant: Hot Deals on New Gadgets at Guangzhou’s Electronic Markets HOT

So you have seen Steve Jobs presenting the newest iPad, iPhone, iSomething and as an affluent city dweller you don't want to be left behind. The first option you have to get your hands on these new toys for a reasonable price is taking a short trip to Hong ...... Read More>>

Hidden History: Guangzhou’s Beijing Lu HOT

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Guangzhou’s Beijing Lu and its surrounding neighbourhood have gradually become known for one thing – shopping. Along with Teemall and Shangxiajiu, it is a top consumer destination, particularly for clothes. Lacking in its popular facade however, is its ...... Read More>>

Cravings from Home – Import Food Shops in Guangzhou HOT

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They say that no one ever writes poetry about cheese. Cheese, the theory goes, is too mundane and uninspiring for the artistic temperament. That’s not entirely true though. For all of us foreigners living in Guangzhou, cheese and other tastes from home are ...... Read More>>

Retail Heaven: A Guide to Guangzhou’s Bargain Markets HOT

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With markets that date back a few decades, the city that sells everything is certainly no stranger to clothing. If you’re looking for clothes in Guangzhou, you’ll find plenty in lovely boutiques at Tee Mall, but the price tags might spark some laughter as ...... Read More>>

Down Goes a Historic Relic, Up Goes a Supermarket: What's New in Guangzhou HOT


It’s just another typical day in China; a historic building in Guangzhou has been converted into a nightclub, one of Guangzhou’s oldest cinemas awaits the destruction ball so that another generic shopping mall can take its place, while a Western ...... Read More>>

Buyer's Guide: The Best Shopping in Guangzhou HOT

Whether you’re just visiting Guangzhou or you’ve been here for a while, you will probably do some shopping while you are here. Guangzhou boasts a great number of good places to shop, but where you should go depends heavily on what you want to buy. However,...... Read More>>

Where to Buy Books in Guangzhou HOT


Whether you’re new to town, or have been here a while, you’ve probably found that finding English books in Guangzhou is a task that is easier said than done. This is especially true if the book you are looking for is a foreign book about China, in which ...... Read More>>

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