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The Sound of the South: Guangzhou’s Music Scene HOT

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A fire burns brightly among the hearts of Guangzhou musicians who join together every week to showcase their talents and to allow their unique sounds to be their name card at various bars and pubs in the city. ... Read More>>

In the Eye of the Beholder: OECIDC and Redtory Art Spaces Compared HOT

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Guangzhou’s Original Element Creative Industry Design Center (OECIDC) is one of Guangzhou’s newest art zones, but at only three years old it is still figuring it all out. How does the experience of going to an up and coming creative center differ from a ...... Read More>>

Introducing the Guys Behind Guangzhou’s Hip Hop Scene HOT

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Hip hop culture has proven it can transcend different cultures and languages. Arrived on the shores of China in the 1990s, two decades later Guangzhou’s hip hop scene is developing its second and third generations of artists, as the city provides space for ...... Read More>>

Dance in Guangzhou: International Flavors in China HOT

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An overview of the bustling dance scene in Guangzhou reveals a wide diversity of styles like salsa, tango modern and capoeira that can be appreciated or learned. ... Read More>>

Capturing Moments in the PRC: Your Guide to Photography in Guangzhou HOT

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The power of an image has fascinated people throughout generations – all in the hopes of capturing life’s simple moments with a simple click. This article takes you through some of the basics of photography and also suggests a number of scenic spots in ...... Read More>>

Making a Splash! The Best Water Parks in Guangzhou HOT

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Feeling hot and humid in Guangzhou? Why not cool down in style with a visit to one of Guangzhou’s water parks! There’s a fair few to choose from, so we’ve plucked out the best four in the city. ... Read More>>

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center: More than Just Campuses HOT

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Looking for something cool to do in your spare time or longing to mix with some hip young crowds? Then head over to the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, there’s plenty in store to keep you occupied. ... Read More>>

Where to Go Bowling in Guangzhou HOT

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Bowling may not be a traditional Chinese past-time, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this indoor, low-impact, affordable sport in China's southern metropolis. Whether you want to switch up your weekend routine a little or celebrate an occasion, bowling ...... Read More>>

From Grayscale to Color: Guangzhou’s Must-See Art Zones HOT

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Beijing's 798 Art District may be the national standard for factory complexes turned art zones, but it's hardly the only one. Guangzhou has several “creative parks” that have also made the transition from industrial gray to vibrant technicolor, so pick a ...... Read More>>

Frugal Finds: Cheap and Free Things to do in Guangzhou HOT


Despite its comparatively large expat community, the majority of activities that Guangzhou offers which cater to us are still overpriced and, unfortunately, often of questionable quality. However, once you become settled in and develop a wide-enough social ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou Sculpture Park: More than Just Sculptures HOT

One of the city's more under-appreciated tourist attractions, Guangzhou Sculpture Park (雕塑公园) is a definite must for any long-term resident or those just passing through. The vast array of sculptures is just one of the many selling points of the park, ...... Read More>>

Question 1: Where Can You Attend “Trivia Night” in Guangzhou? HOT

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Living in Guangzhou, it’s easy to forget about things like the Fall’s primetime line-up back home, what date the Academy Awards fall on this year, or who’s at the top of the Top 40 with Casey Kasem. To keep your wits in shape and your pop culture ...... Read More>>

Educate Yourself—Expat-Friendly Classes in Guangzhou HOT

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Living abroad is a learning experience in itself. However, once that "shiny newness" has worn off the new home, expats sometimes find themselves cocooning into a routine, often involving laying on the couch and watching too many DVDs. Fight the ...... Read More>>

Those Summer Nights—Guangzhou's Best Places to See Foreign Films HOT

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Wanting to go out for a movie but dreading reading all those subtitles? Tired of watching DVDs of your favourite Western movies at home? Don't worry, catching a non-Chinese film in Guangzhou is easy—although the English-language film selection is ...... Read More>>

6 Fun Things to Do in Guangzhou’s Panyu District HOT

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You may find yourself in Panyu for any number of reasons: work, business or the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of Guangzhou. With bluer skies, less traffic and better infrastructure for an easy commute to the city (it’s only about 30 minutes ...... Read More>>

Got Visitors in Town? Tips on Where to take them in Guangzhou HOT

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Picture the scene: your initial cheerfulness at hearing that your parents have booked a flight to come see their favourite globetrotter out in the unknown land of China is beset by panic. What on earth can you take them to do in Guangzhou? They probably ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou for Kids: Parks, Zoos, Shopping and More HOT

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While the internet abounds with information on fun places for adults to hang out – fancy restaurants, romantic getaways and places to spend those hard-earned Renminbi – not much is written about fun things for children to do in Guangzhou. But don't ...... Read More>>

Guangzhou's Museums: Great Culture at a Fantastic Price HOT

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From thousand-year-old jade pieces to papercuts made in the last year, Guangzhou's museums prove that no matter how long you've lived here, there's always more to explore. When getting to know a country, a culture, a city or even just a neighbourhood, ...... Read More>>

Keep It Rolling: Six of the Best Pool And Snooker Places In Guangzhou HOT

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Out of all inventions China has imported from the West few are as popular as pool or snooker. You can find pool and snooker places in almost every little town in China, and naturally Guangzhou as a megalopolis has a lot of these places to offer. From single ...... Read More>>

The Ultimate Guide to Cinema Deals in Guangzhou HOT

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Nothing can beat that cinema experience: a huge, imposing screen, booming audio and striking visuals, cosy seats (well at least most of the time), that mouth-watering smell of popcorn and the thrill of watching with dozens, even hundreds of people, all ...... Read More>>

Six Top Guangzhou Venues for Theater, Opera and Dance HOT

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Whether or not you have a proclivity for the theater, your time in Guangzhou will be enriched if you take in a performance or two. Chinese theater history is rich and well-developed. Traditional Chinese dramas usually center on political and court intrigue, ...... Read More>>

Thrills and Spills: Guangzhou's Best Amusement Parks HOT

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Despite all the great things Guangzhou has to offer, there are times when city life can get a bit boring. The weather is gloomy, the days slow down, and you fall into a routine that you find hard to break. If you have children, the usual DVD and toy routine ...... Read More>>

Best of Guangzhou's Latin Scene: Dance and Dining HOT

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Latin culture hasn't left much of a mark in Guangzhou, as it has in Shanghai or Beijing. Or become a regular part of city life, as it has in Hong Kong. Just a few years back I left an ad looking for someone to practice my Spanish with, and heard back from ...... Read More>>

Loft 345, Guangzhou HOT

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Up for something new and completely different? You may be wondering, or imagined before coming to China, that the only bars around consisted of glitzy KTVs (Karaoke) or gigantic glamorous clubs with dressed to impress clientele ready to throw down 5,000 ...... Read More>>

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