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Go West: A Week in Western Sichuan

If you’re planning a trip out of Chengdu this winter, consider travelling to the western part of Sichuan Province. Although it is cold at this time of year, the lack of rain and brilliant blue skies make this a stunning destination.Read more>>

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Monkey Style! Where to Learn Martial Arts in Chengdu HOT

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If you’re in Chengdu and want to pick up a few martial arts moves or just need an alternative to the gym for staying in shape, try one of these academies and learn how to kick it like Bruce Lee! ... Read More>>

A Guide to Chengdu’s “Golden Cow” (Jinniu) District HOT

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Certain areas of Chengdu bleep loud on the tourist radar: Jinli Street, Wuhou Temple, People's Park, Tianfu Square and Wenshu Temple are just some of the many well-known destinations. However, there's a new area in northwestern Chengdu called Jinniu ...... Read More>>

Making a Splash: Water Rafting Hotspots Around Chengdu HOT

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Now that the hot weather of the summer season has officially descended upon all of China, everyone is fantasizing about heading off to the largest (and coolest) body of water that they can find for some necessary R&R. Many in Chengdu are flocking to ...... Read More>>

Soak Your Worries Away in Chengdu’s Hot Springs HOT

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While you are not going to find any natural hot springs around Chengdu, there are some man-made ones that offer refreshing escapes from muggy summer days and warm retreats from bitter winter evenings. The city has a couple of decent hot spring options, but ...... Read More>>

Letting Your ‘Qi’ Flow: Traditional Chinese Medicine Centres in Chengdu HOT

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Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, aims to bring and maintain harmony within your body. Your 'qi', blood, body fluids, major organs and meridians must be functioning in a balanced way or else you will get sick. This is where the treatments come in. ... Read More>>

Keeping Fit in Chengdu: Reviews of Gyms and Fitness Clubs HOT

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One of the questions that pops up regularly on Chengdu forums is, “Where can I find a good gym in Chengdu?” Keeping in mind that “good” is a relative term, this overview of some of Chengdu’s gyms and fitness clubs should get you pointed in the right ...... Read More>>

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