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Wild Wuhan: Animal Parks

Oct 03, 2014 Comments(0)

Whether you are looking for something to do with the family or with kids, or just for a good day trip, Wuhan has a lot of furry (or scaly) attractions. These are three of the best places to if you are an animal lover, or if you know someone who is. Read more>>

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Shopping and Attractions Along Wuhan’s Metro Line 2 Hot

Oct 10, 2013 Comments(0)

This guide will direct to all the sights and shopping to be had along Wuhan’s convenient Metro Line 2. ... Read More>>

Singing the Night Away: Best Karaoke Spots in Wuhan Hot

Apr 22, 2013 Comments(0)

Wuhan locals love nothing better than to embrace the winter with a good old sing-song. Why not join them by following our guide to the best KTV establishments the city has to offer. ... Read More>>

The Ultimate Indulgence in Wuhan: Westin’s Bubbalicious Sunday Brunch Hot

Feb 28, 2013 Comments(0)

Feel like treating yourself to something special? Then head over to the Westin (Wuhan) for their bodacious brunch. Indulge in a seemingly never-ending array of fresh seafood, cheeses, pizzas, desserts, cocktails and other mouth-watering delicacies. ... Read More>>

Beat the Chill: Best Hot Spring Resorts Near Wuhan Hot

Jan 03, 2013 Comments(0)

One of the best ways to stay warm this winter season is to immerse yourself directly in a pool of soothing, hot water. For many Chinese, hot springs aren't just a relaxing way to do almost nothing; they're also good for your health. If you're feeling chilly ...... Read More>>

High Class Sipping: Try these Teahouses in Wuhan Hot

Nov 08, 2012 Comments(0)

In an intense urban environment like Wuhan, knowing how to relax with a good cup of tea is the power move. Here are our four top recommendations for a high-quality teahouse experience in Wuhan. ... Read More>>

Spectacular Swimming Spots: The Best Pools in Wuhan Hot

Sep 13, 2012 Comments(0)

The London Olympics may have passed, but China is still buzzing with Olympic and fitness fervor. From the outstanding Chinese synchronized divers, to the record-breaking performance of Ye Shiwen (叶诗文), the Chinese team really showed its stuff in the ...... Read More>>

A Breakfast of Kings: Wuhan’s Must-Try Morning Snacks Hot

Jul 19, 2012 Comments(2)

Dry noodles, three ingredient tofu strips, four season soup dumplings… If you’re passing through Wuhan, do yourself a favor and sample some of the best traditional breakfast delicacies the city has to offer. ... Read More>>

Fleeing the Heat: Best Summer Activities in Wuhan Hot

Jun 28, 2012 Comments(0)

The first thing to be said about summer in Wuhan, especially for those expats getting ready to enjoy it for the first time, is that it's sizzling hot. The city is infamous for its long, scorching summers that leave most people trapped indoors with their air ...... Read More>>

The Meat Challenge – Finding Good Steak in Wuhan Hot

May 09, 2012 Comments(3)

Let’s talk about something serious—no not politics or the mounting pollution problems plaguing Wuhan—food. There is one food that defines us as foreigners, that most of us crave more than a good burger and pizza: an awesome steak. There’s not much in ...... Read More>>

A Dying Breed: Where to Buy (Real) Books in Wuhan Hot

Mar 07, 2012 Comments(2)

Everyone is addicted to something.<br /> For some it's the sweet thrill of adventure as they live out their Indiana Jones fantasy overseas. For others it's booze and cigarettes, delicious food, beautiful women, while for some (including me), nothing ...... Read More>>

Love Bites: Raising Pets in Wuhan Hot

Feb 14, 2012 Comments(2)

A pet-less house is just a cold shell we occupy, while one with a pet is a warm home. It doesn’t matter if you love dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, snakes, or a chinchilla—pets make a home feel snug and inviting. For someone living overseas in an ...... Read More>>

Too Much is Never Enough: Buffets in Wuhan Hot

Jan 19, 2012 Comments(0)

Eike Von Repkow described the experience of eating at a buffet eloquently back in 1220 when he said, “He who comes first, eats first.” There is nothing more thrilling than battling it out in a crowded buffet for chow or the thrill of discovery when ...... Read More>>

Finding Foreign Friends: A “Where’s Waldo” in Wuhan Hot

Dec 22, 2011 Comments(11)

Trying to find those "back at home" acquaintances while living overseas is a chore that all expats eventually embark on (unless your one of those who finds happiness in solitude). It’s a simple fact that people need to occasionally bond with ...... Read More>>

Family Ties: Places to Take Kids in Wuhan Hot

Dec 05, 2011 Comments(1)

Spending time with the family is always important, especially when living in a foreign place like Wuhan. While living in a booming metropolis, with its ever-expanding sprawl of concrete and steel, massive crowds and loud noise may seem a bit frightening and ...... Read More>>

Your Guide to Wuhan’s Best Shopping and Snack Streets Hot

Nov 03, 2011 Comments(1)

Bo Derek once said, "Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping." In a city as enormous as Wuhan, with all its sprawling shopping centres, famous walking streets and off-the-beaten-path specialty stops, even an ...... Read More>>

Feeling Peckish? Foreign Food Shopping in Wuhan Hot

Oct 13, 2011 Comments(1)

The search for foreign groceries in Wuhan is a daunting and scrupulous task. It involves a lot of walking (so buy good walking shoes) and following up on second-hand reports and rumours about a foreign food “Mecca” that contains all of the delicious ...... Read More>>

To Drink or Not to Drink: Three Must Visit Bars in Wuhan Hot

Sep 22, 2011 Comments(5)

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Do you know who said that? And no, it’s not Homer Simpson. ... Read More>>

Take a Load Off: Getting a Massage in Wuhan Hot

Sep 01, 2011 Comments(4)

The famous Chinese philosopher, Chu Huiweng, had the right idea when he said, "To avoid sickness eat less; to prolong life worry less." Back when he was alive, before things like global economic meltdowns, nuclear proliferation, and staggering ...... Read More>>

Rediscovering the Past: A Guide to Wuhan’s Museums Hot

Aug 11, 2011 Comments(1)

No trip to any country is complete without stepping inside a museum. Visiting one is always a great adventure. You’ve got the crowds, the kids with their face pressed against the glass, the relics, and of course the self-discovery. To imagine, within each ...... Read More>>

Off the Beaten Path Pizzerias in Wuhan Hot

Jul 21, 2011 Comments(6)

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Chinese food is pretty fantastic. The way a skilled chef in China can coordinate various spices, vegetables and meats into dishes that not only taste great, but come off looking like pieces of art is awesome. If you ...... Read More>>

Best Summer Escape near Wuhan: Wudang Mountain Hot

Jul 06, 2011 Comments(0)

Wudang Mountain (武当山)is located in the city of Shi Yan(十堰)in Hubei province, which is only five hours by train or bus from Wuhan. This mountain is unarguably one of the top tourist attractions in China: the mountain’s ancient architecture is on ...... Read More>>

Wuhan Huashi Cultural Street: Where Different Cultures Meet Hot

Jun 01, 2011 Comments(2)

If you’re looking for a place in Wuhan where you can have all-in-one entertainment so you don’t have to hop from one venue to another, Huashi Cultural Street on Luoyu Lu has got it all – a cluster of drinking bars and restaurants, cafés, pizza inns, ...... Read More>>

Three University Campuses in Wuhan that Connect You with Both Nature and Culture Hot

May 17, 2011 Comments(0)

"The most beautiful hills and lake fronts in Wuhan are all occupied by the universities", one Wuhan taxi driver once told me. Fortunately, the campuses of the universities in Wuhan are open to the public. Wuhan has the third most universities ...... Read More>>

Wuhan Youth Hostels: Where Culture Meets Affordable Accommodation Hot

Apr 25, 2011 Comments(1)

Most backpackers in Wuhan will choose one of two hostels: Wuhan Pathfinder Youth Hostel and Yangtze River International Youth Hotel. They choose these not just because they’re affordable and comfortable, but also because of the unique culture that’s found ...... Read More>>

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