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Epermarket: Delivering Expats Safe & Fresh Groceries Straight to Their Doorsteps

Nov 27, 2014 Comments(0)

Epermarket is an online expat supermarket that delivers to Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. To learn more about Epermarket, we sat down with the CEO of Epermarket, Jean Yves Lu. ... Read More>>

The Venice of the East: An Escape to Tongli Water Village

Aug 28, 2014 Comments(2)

A guide to escaping Suzhou and spending the day in Tongli, one of Suzhou’s most beautiful water towns. ... Read More>>

FIELDS Online Supermarket: Serving Suzhou Expats via Click of a Mouse Hot

Jul 08, 2013 Comments(0)

As a premier online grocery store based in Shanghai, FIELDS combines convenience with safe, fresh and healthy foods that it serves to thousands of customers each day in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang province. ... Read More>>

Need to Look Sharp? Check Out Suzhou’s Best Tailors Hot

Mar 18, 2013 Comments(0)

Suzhou may be known for its stunning natural beauty, but there’s much more on offer in the city. Here, we take a look at the best tailors who can provide you with anything from suits to shoes, and guarantee you’ll look your sharpest. ... Read More>>

Suzhou Explorations: Dushu Lake Higher Education Town Hot

Jan 14, 2013 Comments(0)

Situated approximately 15 km from the city centre, Dushu Lake HET (Higher Education Town) may feel a little out of the way. But the good news is everything you need is right here with the benefit of not having to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city. ... Read More>>

Sweet, Subtle and Simply Delicious: Great Local Restaurants in Suzhou Hot

Nov 13, 2012 Comments(0)

Suzhou has a long tradition of very distinct local foods, and the city is flush with restaurants reflecting the tastes of people both rich and poor. Suzhou food is of course pretty traditional, and the most famous dishes have remained unchanged for decades ...... Read More>>

A Day Well Spent: Visiting Zhouzhuang Water Village Outside of Suzhou Hot

Sep 17, 2012 Comments(0)

Located about 30 km southeast of Suzhou in the heart of the "Jiangnan" (江南) region—the "South of the Yangtze River" area between Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang—Zhouzhuang (周庄) is the most popular of the region's so-called ...... Read More>>

Healthy and Tasty Rolled into One: Suzhou’s Best Japanese Restaurants Hot

Jul 23, 2012 Comments(0)

Thanks to Suzhou’s large Japanese population, Japanese restaurants are a dime and a dozen. Both the Suzhou Industrial Park and New District host multitudes of ramen, sushi, and teppanyaki restaurants for a variety of tastes and prices. Good sushi is ...... Read More>>

A Suzhou Summer: Drinks, Pools and Air Conditioning Hot

Jun 14, 2012 Comments(0)

Summer's finally here and that means heat in Suzhou. Temperatures are consistently in the 30's, and with the kind of humidity that only comes with a city permeated by canals, it can be difficult to be outside for a few minutes before you start to sweat. ...... Read More>>

Guide to the Suzhou Metro: Facts and Important Stations Hot

May 11, 2012 Comments(2)

At long last, the Suzhou metro Line 1 has finally opened. After enduring over four years of construction, residents and visitors can enjoy the low cost and convenience of underground travel. Suzhou is the first non-capital city in China to get a metro, and ...... Read More>>

Ligongdi: Suzhou’s New Nightlife Hub Hot

Apr 27, 2012 Comments(0)

Suzhou's bar scene has long been large and foreign-friendly, but today it's in transition and it can be a little hard to find the right place for a good night out. It used to be that nightlife was centred around Shiquan Street – the two-block long row of ...... Read More>>

What’s New: Bar and Restaurant Openings in Suzhou Hot

Apr 13, 2012 Comments(2)

Suzhou is host to a robust foreign restaurant and bar scene that gets larger and more diverse every year. With cuisines ranging from Indian to Spanish to Mexican, there's already a lot to choose from, and increasing competition means the quality of the food ...... Read More>>

A Culinary Classic: Where to Find Mouth-Watering Pizza in Suzhou Hot

Mar 31, 2012 Comments(3)

Pizza lovers are in luck in Suzhou, as there are dozens of options ranging from classic Italian to high-speed delivery. Pizza is so popular in town pretty much every restaurant has it, including German-owned Blue Marlin and Casa Zoe, the Mexican restaurant. ...... Read More>>

Burger Hunger: Where to Find an Authentic Hamburger in Suzhou Hot

Mar 16, 2012 Comments(0)

Suzhou hosts a large number of Western restaurants, with plenty of places serving hamburgers. The lion's share of burger joints, however, are pretty disappointing, perhaps because there are no places that specialise only in patty-based cuisine, or more ...... Read More>>

Suzhou’s Night Markets - A Taste of Life! Hot

Feb 29, 2012 Comments(0)

Have you noticed how prices in expat restaurants in the S.I.P. and SND have shot up recently? Now you pay about the same in an Indian restaurant on Jinjihu Lake as you pay in Chicago…except here the portions are smaller! With wages and basic food costs ...... Read More>>

Where Flavour Meets Comfort: The Best Cafes in Suzhou Hot

Feb 15, 2012 Comments(1)

Ahhh coffee! That warm, rich, frothy brew that wakes us up and makes us feel alive. But it's not just about the brew, is it? It's savouring it in the right environment: a quiet place with the right lighting, ambient music, free Wifi, clean floors, good ...... Read More>>

A Nucleus of Refinement: The Arts Scene in Suzhou Hot

Jan 27, 2012 Comments(0)

Suzhou has a long history of refinement. It has been a centre for visual and performing arts for centuries while Shanghai and Singapore were still muddy backwaters and mangrove swamps. In the field of visual art, including painting, sculpture, ceramics and ...... Read More>>

The Best English-Speaking Dentists in Suzhou Hot

Jan 13, 2012 Comments(0)

Suzhou maintains its reputation as a foreign-friendly city with its excellent choices for dental care and highly trained dentists. Most of the English-speaking dental clinics have been in operation for years, and have a great deal of experience dealing with ...... Read More>>

Finding Suzhou’s Foreign Food Stores Hot

Dec 30, 2011 Comments(2)

Suzhou has become one of the best cities in China if you’re looking for a good foreign food store. Proximity to Shanghai and a large foreign population means that you’ll be satisfied with both the selection and price of your foreign products. However, the ...... Read More>>

The 2011 Suzhou Christmas Dining and Events Round-up Hot

Dec 16, 2011 Comments(0)

As we race to the end of the year, there are plenty of happenings in Suzhou to help you celebrate the festive season. ... Read More>>

The Wonderfully Manic Markets of Old Suzhou Hot

Dec 02, 2011 Comments(0)

Where can you go and see 20 colours of red peppers, have an anatomy lesson on pigs and taste fresh cooked local delicacies all in the same place? Try your local wet markets in Old Suzhou. In spite of the incursion of multi-nationals such as Auchan, Metro, ...... Read More>>

Baked in Suzhou: The Best Places for Bread in Town Hot

Nov 18, 2011 Comments(3)

Even a few short years ago, searching for bread and baked goods in Suzhou was a hopeless task, but now good bakeries seem to be opening every month. While pastries may still be far behind their leavened counterparts, and the best cure for a real sweet tooth ...... Read More>>

11 Great Clubs to Keep You Social, Active and Entertained in Suzhou Hot

Nov 04, 2011 Comments(0)

Need to break out of your mundane routine going to the same bar, drinking the same drinks, with the same people? Or are you interested in taking on a new hobby and making new friends while you're at it? If you've answered "yes" to any of the ...... Read More>>

Expat-Friendly Hospitals in Suzhou Hot

Oct 21, 2011 Comments(2)

If you ever have an injury or illness, and are looking for doctors or hospitals in Suzhou, you’re in luck. There are some excellent hospitals and plenty of doctors who speak English and understand western standards in medicine and personal privacy.... Read More>>

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