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Shenzhen by District: Yantian, Home to Beaches and Seafood

Nov 18, 2014 Comments(1)

Once only known for industry and tourism, Yantian is now an up and coming spot to live in Shenzhen. Whether you live there or are visiting, we have compiled a list of activities and places to eat or drink while you are there to encourage the explorer within everybody! Read more>>

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Shenzhen by the District: Futian

Oct 22, 2014 Comments(0)

With some of the best subway access in the city, Futian is known for being easy to get around and much more compact than some of the outer sprawling districts of Shenzhen. Here are some of the best spots in the district to check out! ... Read More>>

Networking in Shenzhen: What’s Out There? Hot

Jun 04, 2014 Comments(1)

Many of us come to China for business or in search of a new job, and usually within the first week we’ll learn the importance of “guanxi”. Here, we introduce the different types of networking events out there and a number of specific local clubs and ...... Read More>>

The Hunt is On: Easter Activities in and around Shenzhen Hot

Apr 14, 2014 Comments(0)

Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner, so get ready, Shenzhen, for your guide to the weekend is here. There’s something for everyone over the weekend so whether you’re a family looking for something child-friendly or adults just feeling ...... Read More>>

Snacking on the Dock of the Bay: Popular Food Streets in Shenzhen Hot

Feb 13, 2014 Comments(1)

Wondering where you can find the best and most popular feast in Shenzhen? Hopefully our guide will whet your appetite. ... Read More>>

Xiaomeisha Seaworld in Shenzhen: Explore the Mysteries of the Sea Hot

Oct 22, 2013 Comments(0)

Since its opening in 1998, Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Seaworld has attracted millions of visitors – young and old – to its 200,000 square meter homage to the sea. We take a look at some of the attractions and must-visit exhibits within the site. ... Read More>>

5 Reasons to Visit Xichong Beach in Shenzhen Hot

Sep 12, 2013 Comments(2)

With winter just around the corner, now’s your last chance to bathe in one Shenzhen’s beaches while it’s still hot. One beach worth checking out is Xichong on the south side of Nan’ao on the Dapeng Peninsula. Lauded as “Shenzhen’s number one bay”, ...... Read More>>

Daytrip Ideas from Shenzhen: Guanlan Print Village Hot

Jul 30, 2013 Comments(0)

Whether you’re longing for a change of scenery or you want to explore China’s creative scene, a daytrip to Guanlan Print Village in the outskirts of Shenzhen is an excellent choice. ... Read More>>

Dodge the Heat at Shenzhen's Most Popular Water Parks Hot

Jul 08, 2013 Comments(1)

It can pretty hot and sticky in Shenzhen during the summer but luckily there’s some relief. Shenzhen is home to a number of fun water parks which not only allow you to dive into cooling water, but where you can have a right old laugh, no matter what age ...... Read More>>

Heaven On a Stick: The Best Barbecue Areas in Shenzhen Hot

Jun 07, 2013 Comments(0)

South China’s boomtown has much to offer in the way of food, though why not hit the streets and blend with the locals barbecue style? From bustling beaches to pretty parks, we take a look at the best barbecue areas in Shenzhen. ... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Creative Culture Park: The No.1 Place for Artistic Nourishment Hot

May 15, 2013 Comments(0)

Shenzhen’s OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park is well-known as the place to hang out if you’re in need of artistic nourishment. We look at the top exhibition areas and joints where you can kick back with a beer or coffee amid the surroundings. ... Read More>>

Go Dutch at the Netherlands Flower Town in Shenzhen Hot

Apr 25, 2013 Comments(0)

If you ever wanted to know China’s interpretation of Europe then look no further than Shenzhen’s Netherlands Flower Town. Whether you want to sample some Dutch cuisine, sip a coffee, buy a cat, or enhance your flower knowledge, this place has it all! ... Read More>>

More Than Just a Splash: Shenzhen’s Dameisha Beach Park Hot

Apr 12, 2013 Comments(0)

Shenzhen’s Dameisha Beach Park is a great place to unwind, and features a whole range of attractions and amenities to keep you occupied. There are even numerous thrilling water-sports you can try, so why not jump in! ... Read More>>

Two-Wheel Cruising: Where to Buy Bikes in Shenzhen Hot

Mar 25, 2013 Comments(0)

Shenzhen may not be the most bike-friendly city, but things are starting to improve with the appearance of new bike trails and scenic paths. This article introduces three solid shops for buying a bike in Shenzhen. ... Read More>>

Step Back in Time: Discover the Temples of Shenzhen Hot

Mar 04, 2013 Comments(0)

Shenzhen holds a number of cultural gems within its borders, one of which comes in the form of religious temples. So next time you’re looking for a deeper side of China, look no further than this list of temples in Shenzhen. ... Read More>>

Sweet Sensations: The Best Western-Style Bakeries in Shenzhen Hot

Feb 11, 2013 Comments(0)

Let’s face it, Chinese bakeries leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately, Shenzhen has a number of Western-style bakeries to fill the void. This article includes several bakeries serving up Western-style delights and catering to foreign clientele. ... Read More>>

Bible for Beerheads: Shenzhen’s Best Beer Bars Hot

Jan 28, 2013 Comments(0)

Despite an ever increasing range of beers available in Shenzhen in recent years, the best brews are still those found in expat bars. Here’s a run-down of the best beer bars, taking into account choice and quality. ... Read More>>

A Healthy Body & Mind: Yoga Classes in Shenzhen Hot

Jan 14, 2013 Comments(1)

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, keep fit, lose weight, or manage health conditions, yoga is an excellent choice. This article explores some of the yoga studios operating in Shenzhen. ... Read More>>

Gorge on Non-Chinese Asian Cuisine in Shenzhen Hot

Dec 26, 2012 Comments(2)

Can’t decide what to have for dinner tonight? Why not reach across the border into neighboring Asian nations for a taste of their cuisines. You don’t even have to pack a bag or board an international flight. You can find a variety of options ...... Read More>>

2012 Guide to Christmas Dinners in Shenzhen Hot

Dec 12, 2012 Comments(0)

'Tis the season to wine and dine. For those of us who can't make it home for the holidays and lack the kitchen space or cooking skills to prepare our own holiday dinner, never fear, Shenzhen's finest restaurants are here. A variety of eateries are offering ...... Read More>>

Look and Feel Fabulous: Your Guide to Getting Pampered in Shenzhen Hot

Nov 30, 2012 Comments(0)

Everyone loves to be pampered. For those of us living in Shenzhen, we're in luck! Shenzhen is a great place to indulge in health and beauty services at a reasonable rate. The guide below offers suggestions on where to spoil yourself in Shenzhen and also ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Fashion Time: Underground Shopping Street for All Your Needs Hot

Nov 16, 2012 Comments(0)

Tired of the crowded streets? Stroll on over to Fashion Time (Feng Sheng Ting 丰盛町) in Futian to take your fun underground. This commercial pedestrian street features more than 500 shops, including a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options ...... Read More>>

Shenzhen’s Most Popular Bargain Clothing Markets Hot

Nov 02, 2012 Comments(0)

Tired of high prices at name brand clothing outlets? Don't trust online retailers and want to feel the material for yourself? Enjoy bragging to your friends about the crazy discount you got on your new jacket? Like any other large Chinese city, Shenzhen is ...... Read More>>

The Fare up There: Shenzhen’s Highest Restaurants Hot

Oct 19, 2012 Comments(1)

Most people enjoy dining with a view every now and again; how about a view from the 99th floor? In the skyscraper city of Shenzhen, stratospheric dining is well within your reach, if you can stomach the sky-high price tags. Here we recommend four ...... Read More>>

Own Your Very Own Mona Lisa: Shenzhen’s Dafen Oil Painting Village Hot

Oct 05, 2012 Comments(0)

Strolling around the streets of Shenzhen, virtually anyone you ask will know a bit about Dafen Village (大芬村). In other Chinese cities, this is also rather likely. Even abroad, the village has become rather famous in the last few decades—at least ...... Read More>>

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