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Fall Fever: Chongqing Activities Before Winter Arrives

Oct 29, 2014 Comments(0)

With the long winter just around the corner, it is time to treasure the more hospitable autumn season. Whether you are looking forward to winter in Chongqing or not, here are some autumnal activities you might like to consider. Read more>>

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Want to Set up a Business in China? Why Chongqing is a Good Option

Aug 29, 2014 Comments(2)

When wanting to start a looking at doing business in China, many people often fail to look beyond China’s east coast. In reality, Chongqing also has a lot to offer, and is a great place to start doing business. ... Read More>>

3 Chongqing’s Wildlife Parks: Enter at Your Own Risk Hot

Apr 11, 2014 Comments(0)

As one of the largest cities in China, Chongqing is chock full of animals. Well, about 30 million humans at least. However, if you want to want to interact with something a little more wild than a stray cat, Chongqing still has something to offer. ... Read More>>

The Rail-y Pink Line: Activities along Chongqing’s Line 6 Hot

Mar 04, 2014 Comments(0)

The latest addition to Chongqing’s rail network is subway line 6. Demurely represented in pink, this metro line cuts some heavy metal across much of Chongqing’s up-and-coming Liangjiang New Area.... Read More>>

Stay Rail – Chongqing’s Line 3 Attractions and Amenities Hot

Jan 10, 2014 Comments(1)

Connecting upper-crust Yubei with the humbler Nan’an heartlands, the blue line 3 is a vital connection for travelers arriving by air or rail. It also hosts a lot of weird and wonderful sights to be seen. Here is your total guide to Chongqing’s Line 3 ...... Read More>>

Even Better Than the “Rail” Thing: Chongqing’s Line 2 Sights Hot

Nov 26, 2013 Comments(0)

Here’s a guide to enjoying all the sights and attractions located along Line 2 of Chongqing’s Metro. Get on board and let the good times roll! ... Read More>>

Keeping it “Rail” – Sight-seeing by Subway Line 1 in Chongqing Hot

Sep 30, 2013 Comments(0)

Going to sightsee in Chongqing? Then use this handy guide to visit the sights by using Chongqing subway! This guide shows the way along Chongqing subway Line 1.... Read More>>

Chongqing’s Art Scene: Flowers on Mountain Crags Hot

Apr 17, 2013 Comments(0)

On the surface, Chongqing exemplifies the daily grind of modern life – not readily associated with anything artistic. But art certainly can be found by those willing to delve beneath the ubiquity of modern Chongqing life. ... Read More>>

Turn Down the Heat! Non-Spicy Food Alternatives in Spicy Chongqing Hot

Jan 17, 2013 Comments(0)

Chongqing cuisine is a heady mix of chili and huajiao in generous servings of oil. For the uninitiated and the faint-hearted, this can prove a bit much both for the palate as well as the digestive system. Fortunately, non-spicy Chongqing dishes do exist. ... Read More>>

Splash Your Cash: New Shopping Malls in Chongqing Hot

Oct 25, 2012 Comments(1)

As the center of development for western China, Chongqing has been the fortunate beneficiary of generous government funding. For die-hard shopaholics, this is cause for celebration as a shiny new mall is born every so often along Chongqing's ...... Read More>>

Chongqing: A Walk in the (Free) Park Hot

Jul 26, 2012 Comments(0)

Rampant inflation has been sweeping across China's megacities and Chongqing has certainly not been spared. However, clichéd as it may sound, the best things in Chongqing are indeed free. In a mountain city at the confluence of the Jialing and ....... Read More>>

A Slice of Variety: Chongqing’s Best Pizzas Hot

Jul 05, 2012 Comments(1)

Not long ago, Pizza Hut was your only option for readily available, moderately authentic Western food in Chongqing. While bacon and eggs are still hard to come by (Café Arabica is about your only bet), pizza has become as ordinary as one could ...... Read More>>

Surviving Summer in a Chongqing Furnace Hot

Jun 07, 2012 Comments(0)

Chongqing is known as one of the "three furnaces" (火炉) of China, together with Wuhan and Nanjing, and not without good reason! Typical Chongqing summer temperatures soar above 40 degrees. High temperatures coupled with high humidity ...... Read More>>

6 Fun Ways to Stay Active in Chongqing (Without Joining a Gym!) Hot

May 17, 2012 Comments(0)

Now that summer is upon us, it’s time to get active again. At least I keep telling myself that. I don’t know what it is about Chongqing, but every time I think about getting back in shape, I wind up in front of my computer watching pirated totally legal ...... Read More>>

Doorstep Exploration: Quick Mountain Getaways within Chongqing Hot

Apr 26, 2012 Comments(0)

Since ancient times, Chongqing has been known as "mountain city", and not without good reason. The undulating sight of foggy green-shrouded hills had long captured the imaginations of poets and writers. In modern times, this translates into ...... Read More>>

Chongqing’s Best of: Expat Bars Part II Hot

Apr 05, 2012 Comments(0)

Chongqing's expat bars range from high-end and exclusive (and yes, sometimes clique-y) to open and budget friendly (and sometimes a bit off the cuff). While it definitely won't be nominated for an award for most vibrant expat nightlife any time soon, ...... Read More>>

Best of: Chongqing’s Expat Bars (Part 1) Hot

Mar 15, 2012 Comments(0)

Chongqing, dubbed the Chinese city for Chinese people, perhaps unsurprisingly plays host to a much smaller community of expats than one would expect from a city of this size. Hence, expat-frequented venues are fewer and further between. Even so, ...... Read More>>

Top 3 Reasons to Live in Chongqing Hot

Feb 16, 2012 Comments(4)

Chongqing isn't a tourist's town. Bearing testament to this fact, Frommer's, Lonely Planet and the like are content to give Chongqing the gloss-over. Instead they highlight neighbouring Sichuan's panda sanctuary and Chengdu's easy pace and ...... Read More>>

Hidden Dragon: Museums of Chongqing Hot

Jan 19, 2012 Comments(0)

Throughout history, Chongqing was swallowed up by neighbouring cultural heavyweight, Sichuan Province. Although it has always been famed among the Chinese for being the convergence point for both the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers, Chongqing ...... Read More>>

Got Cash? The Foreigner’s Guide to Shopping in Chongqing Hot

Dec 29, 2011 Comments(0)

Located far into China's interior, Chongqing is home to more than 34 million people. In a city of this magnitude and with hardly any contact with the outside world, foreign faces in Chongqing still attract their fair share of attention. Since Chongqing ...... Read More>>

Chongqing Winters: A Guide to Keeping Warm Hot

Dec 15, 2011 Comments(0)

Chongqing is many things, but a temperate city it is not. Reflecting on Chongqing’s weather with any degree of delight is a relatively bizarre occurrence. As a furnace, it gets too hot; as a polluted, fog-bog you can count the amount of blue-sky days on ...... Read More>>

Hotpot – the Ultimate Chongqing Culinary Experience Hot

Nov 17, 2011 Comments(0)

Much like a witch’s cauldron, the bubbling red-hot brew of the famous Chongqing hotpot (火锅) permeates the air with a heady, spicy aroma. A medley of spices, mainly chilli and prickly ash (a numbing spice), in liquid beef fat ensures that anything boiled ...... Read More>>

Live Music in Chongqing: A Sight for Sore Ears Hot

Oct 20, 2011 Comments(4)

Let's face it — China isn't exactly known for its modern day live music scene.<br /> That's not to say that there isn't an increasing number of quality artists coming to tour in China or that the domestic scene isn't ... Read More>>

Café Culture – Coffee Drinking in Chongqing Hot

Sep 22, 2011 Comments(0)

Left virtually untouched by the onslaught of “Western” influences, coffee drinking has only recently caught on in Chongqing. Café culture and coffee drinking may have been thriving in cities like Shanghai and Kunming, but Chongqing remained ...... Read More>>

The Disappearing Streets of Old Chongqing Hot

Aug 25, 2011 Comments(0)

Today’s Chongqing is by all appearances like any other modern metropolis, with gleaming skyscrapers and shiny automobiles. The Chinese government seems intent on giving its newest municipality a freshly minted façade through ...... Read More>>

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