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Beijing Summer Special: Eating out & relaxation (Part 1)

Apr 16, 2014 Comments(0)

As we move through this brief period called spring and head full speed into summer, we all feel a sense of excitement that we can once again do all those things that we missed doing during winter. Here are a few options to consider for beautiful summer days:Read more>>

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Laundry in Beijing: What Are My Options?

Apr 04, 2014 Comments(2)

No matter where you are, laundry is a necessity. Here at eChinacities, we want to help take care of this necessary evil with as little trouble as possible. So, let us break down the options available to us here in Beijing. From first to worst, here they are. ... Read More>>

A Blossoming Culture: Art Exhibitions and Events in Beijing this Spring Hot

Mar 12, 2014 Comments(0)

The number of art exhibitions and events in Beijing are on the rise, there are great choices almost everyday. Here are some of our picks of longer running art exhibitions, and of JUE events, that are good to be enjoyed on both weekdays and on weekends. ... Read More>>

2014 Bookworm Beijing Literary Festival: Which Events to Hit?

Feb 25, 2014 Comments(0)

The Bookworm Literary Festival celebrates literature and ideas brought together from China and beyond. This is a great opportunity to meet your favorite authors, especially those writing on China, and listen to them talk about their books and/or areas of ...... Read More>>

The Expat’s Guide to Living in Beijing’s Hutongs Hot

Feb 10, 2014 Comments(2)

I have lived in a hutong for six months, and it is definitely a love-hate relationship. For those thinking about moving into the hutongs, there are definitely some pros and cons to evaluate before making the move. Using my experiences, here is the expats ...... Read More>>

Chinese Cuisine Part II: Explore the Tastes of Chinese Ethnic Food in Beijing

Jan 27, 2014 Comments(1)

The eight traditional cuisines of China reside mainly in the Han-majority regions, including Hunan and Jiangsu, but what of the rest of the country? This piece will explore – somewhat controversially – the tastes of China’s ethnic regions. ... Read More>>

10 Modes of Transportation in Beijing During Cold Weather

Jan 08, 2014 Comments(1)

As Jack Frost nips at your nose, here’s a guide to help you select the best way to get around Beijing this winter. ... Read More>>

Festivities Season: 2013 Christmas events in Beijing Hot

Dec 09, 2013 Comments(0)

Ready for a rocking Christmas or just want a few options to usher in the cold weather and the season of giving (or shopping)? Here is a shortlist of 10 of the best ways to celebrate this month in Beijing. ... Read More>>

No More Empty Nest Syndrome: Olympic Stadium Hosts Winter Events

Dec 03, 2013 Comments(0)

This winter Beijing’s Bird’s Nest will be playing host to a high stakes snowboarding competition and will be transformed into a Disney princess snow castle among other highlights in what is, to date, the most active month for the venue.... Read More>>

Experience the Delights: China's Famous Cuisines Part 1

Nov 18, 2013 Comments(1)

The eight traditions of Chinese cooking are divided by province. They are: Anhui, Guangdong (Cantonese), Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, and Zhejiang. In this two part series, we guide you through China’s most famous cuisine and where to enjoy ...... Read More>>

With the Wind in Your Hair: Top 5 Places to Run in Beijing

Nov 04, 2013 Comments(0)

With the cold winter on the horizon, now is as good a time as any to get outside and run in Beijing. Here are five places in Beijing where running is a pleasant (well…less unpleasant) experience. ... Read More>>

Let the Ghosts Dance! Beijing Halloween Round up 2013

Oct 22, 2013 Comments(0)

Halloween is a time when the hell raisers come forth and take control of our streets. When Death’s minions dance on our calm and ordered existence and leave in their wake a destruction of hangovers. But where to celebrate this night of madness in Beijing? ... Read More>>

Wudaoying: Hidden Gems in and Around this Hutong Hot

Oct 09, 2013 Comments(1)

The quirkiness of Wudaoying makes it a worthy visit upon your list of interesting hutongs of Beijing to visit. This guide lists some of the lesser-known gems you’ll find in Wudaoying. ... Read More>>

Trend Magnets: Beijing’s Most Popular Hipster Hangouts Hot

Aug 27, 2013 Comments(0)

The broad concept of ‘hipster’ is that whatever is being described as such should be unique or special in some way. In Beijing, there is no shortage of bars, eateries, galleries and other hangouts that attract the hipster crowd. ... Read More>>

A Taste of the Southwest: Finding Beijing’s Best Yunnan Restaurants Hot

Aug 12, 2013 Comments(0)

Beijing offers a multitude of cuisine from different provinces across China, but Yunnan cuisine is definitely high up on the popularity list. From spicy mint salads to grilled goats cheese slices, Yunnan food is a treat to the palate. Here we introduce six ...... Read More>>

All Aboard! Great Places to Go Boating in Beijing Hot

Jul 29, 2013 Comments(0)

Beijing surprisingly has its fair share of boating opportunities. Whether it’s a trip down the canals or a relaxing row in a lake, we make sure your needs are fulfilled with our guide to the best spots for boating in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Into the Wild: The Best Spots for Camping in Beijing Hot

Jul 18, 2013 Comments(1)

Ever dream of sleeping under the stars somewhere in the outskirts of Beijing? It doesn’t have to be a dream. This article outlines five of the best spots for camping in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Beijing Bars with a View: 6 Rooftop Bars in the Gulou Area Hot

Jul 04, 2013 Comments(1)

You either love or hate Beijing’s sweaty summer heat, but one aspect of summer that everyone enjoys is lounging on a rooftop bar in Beijing’s historic Gulou area while sipping on an ice cold beer or cocktail—just make sure to bring some mozzy spray! ... Read More>>

Taking a Splash with Style: The Best Water Parks in Beijing Hot

Jun 20, 2013 Comments(0)

Like almost any city in China during the summer, the heat in Beijing is pretty relentless. It’s best to embrace it however; and there’s no better way to do it than taking a splash in one of the city’s many water parks. ... Read More>>

Going Up! The Best Places for Rock Climbing in Beijing Hot

Jun 06, 2013 Comments(2)

Beijing has an array of extreme sports you can try at your hand at, one of these is rock climbing. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned climber, Beijing has a whole host of indoor and outdoor rock climbing areas to try. ... Read More>>

Drink Up! The Best Beer Bars and Microbreweries in Beijing Hot

May 23, 2013 Comments(0)

While Beijing’s beer culture is not quite on par with the United States and Europe just yet, a beer aficionado will however find a number of great beer bars and microbreweries in Beijing. Here are some of our favorites. ... Read More>>

Feeling Generous? Where to Donate Unwanted Items in Beijing Hot

May 09, 2013 Comments(2)

For those of you who are either planning on moving on or simply have too much clothes cluttering your closet, it’s always good to give something back. Beijing has many organizations that accept donations, so why not get generous! ... Read More>>

Run to the Hills! The Best Spots for Hiking in Beijing Hot

Apr 26, 2013 Comments(1)

Unbeknownst to some, Beijing’s surrounding landscape is dramatic and stunning, and for many hikers, a true paradise. Fancy breathing some fresh air for a change? Why not take a look through our guide to the best spots for hiking in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Dating in Beijing: Perks, Pitfalls and Tips Hot

Apr 12, 2013 Comments(1)

Dating in Beijing is hard, that’s a given. Factor in a smaller than usual support network and it is easy to see why many aspects of our lives get neglected in the megacity that is Beijing. ... Read More>>

When Nature Calls: A Guide to Beijing’s Cafes by Bathroom Hot

Mar 29, 2013 Comments(1)

If you are one of the many people who use coffee shops for several hours of studying or work, you might want to consider this question: What is the bathroom like? Here’s a list of some of Beijing’s coffee locations and explanations of how their bathrooms ...... Read More>>

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