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Finding Fried Sauce Noodles: The Best Zhajiangmian in Beijing HOT

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Zhajiangmian is one of Beijing's specialty dishes. Check it's history and where to try it. ... Read More>>

Beijing in 5 Essential Cocktails HOT

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We went into some of the best Beijing cocktail bars and asked the owners which drink best represents their establishment. Here are the five 5 essential cocktails, in no particular order, that you really must try while in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Cocktail Bars in Sanlitun: Where to Go for Quality Alcohol HOT

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A handful of bars have been injecting Sanlitun with a much-needed dose of quality bars. Yes, their drinks may come with a price-tag as big as your meal, but with guaranteed real alcohol and innovative drink menus, the following cocktail bars in Sanlitun ...... Read More>>

Winter Warmers: Best Noodle Soups in Beijing HOT

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The big Beijing chill is well upon us, what better way is there to thaw those bones than with a steaming bowl of soup noodles? So stash away your dining decorum, roll up them sleeves and get slurping on one of these. ... Read More>>

Beijing Bites: Dazzle Your Guests with Beijing’s Best Cuisine HOT

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You’ve got hungry visitors on your hands, and possibly wary ones too after all the tales they’ve heard. But we Beijingers know just how tantalising the cuisines of the capital can be. So, cross off the weird and wonderful, and show those tourist taste buds...... Read More>>

A Slice of Beijing: Beijing’s Most Popular Pizza Joints HOT

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It’s been a while since we have evaluated Beijing’s pizza scene, which has grown so much in the last few years. These are our eight top picks for fixing that pizza craving in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Unexpected Deliveries: 6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Delivered in Beijing HOT


Beijing is a city of convenience, that is clear. However, a lot more can be delivered than you expected. This is a run down of six unexpected things that you didn’t think you could order, but that you can. ... Read More>>